Social fraud, absenteeism, cultural delusions… Our list of wastes of public money

INVESTIGATION – While the State is pleased with its policy of “whatever the cost”, the IMF has just warned France whose debt continues to drift dangerously. While waiting for a hypothetical pension reform, the Associated Contributors association proves to us, figures and examples in support, that we have not come out of the spending madness.

Her Majesty has kindly authorized me to put before her eyes the commitment she made with herself to support me in the execution of the savings plans which are at all times, and today more than ever , an essential necessity», writes Turgot, the new comptroller general of the nation, to Louis XVI, the day of his taking office, August 24, 1774. This sentence, well known to fans of the fight against deficits, had been read during the conclusions of the Attali commission Emmanuel Macron was the rapporteur. It was in January 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy was President of the Republic, and no more in 2008 than at the beginning of the reign of Louis XVI was it possible to redress the bar of public finances. Turgot failed to redress the accounts, and popular discontent turned into a revolution in the face of a government crippled in debt and powerless to raise more taxes. One of Turgot’s maxims in his address to the sovereign was the following: No borrowing, because…

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