Sodexo will recruit 6,000 people for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The collective catering giant will have to provide 45,000 meals per day. Sodexo

Next summer, the group will take charge of collective catering at the Olympic Village and several sites dedicated to competitions. He launched a major campaign to expand his workforce.

It is not only the athletes present at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (OPG) who will find themselves facing a challenge. Sodexo, the collective catering giant, was entrusted with the restoration of the entire Olympic village. That is to say 15,000 people for five weeks, at a rate of 45,000 meals per day.

Sodexo must also ensure the restoration of 14 sites (dedicated to competitions) for the Olympic Games and nine sites during the Paralympic Games. All these missions fall precisely to Sodexo Live, Sodexo’s activity in events, sport and leisure.

A fixed-term contract of at least fifteen days

“We will have to ensure a culinary feat”, comments Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, general director of Sodexo Live. Certainly, the company is used to major events (like the Roland-Garros tournament or the Superbowl, the final of the American football championship) but the showcase of the Olympic Games in Paris is incomparable. Certainly, the group has previously worked for other Olympics (in Barcelona and London) but not to the same extent.

With a view to the work ahead, Sodexo launched a recruitment campaign for some 6,000 employees on Thursday. A wide range of services is concerned by Paris 2024: reception, cooking, logistics, management, commissary, etc. For 40% of positions, a qualification is necessary, which is not the case for 60% remaining.

“We will use several channels to recruitexplains Boris Pincot, HR Director of Sodexo Live, in addition to using our major partners (Pôle Emploi, ociations, temporary work groups, etc.) we will organize several specially dedicated events, such as job dating. » The person concerned takes care to specify that for a large number of positions, the presentation of a CV will not be necessary.

It’s about being able to give a chance to as many people as possible, within the framework of a fixed-term contract of at least fifteen days, and with the possibility of seeing this experience lead to a more lasting career at Sodexo. Please note that Sodexo Live certification will be granted to all candidates selected for the JOPs.

“A memorable experience”

Already, part of the workforce is on the starting line since Sodexo has resorted to an internal mobilization phase. Some 600 employees will be seconded during the JOP. At the same time, the company’s employees had the opportunity to send the application files of some of their relatives; Some 400 applications will soon be examined. Note among the 600 employees already selected, some already know where they will be igned during the JOPs.

“For everyone who will be able to work during the Games, it will be a memorable experience”continues Nathalie Bellon who, referring to a study by the Montaigne Institute, underlines that pion is a valued value in the context of a professional activity. “We are fully aware of the expectationsconcludes Franck Chanevas, general manager France Spain of Sodexo Live, not only must we meet the needs of athletes – for whom food is an essential ingredient for performance – but we must also meet gastronomic requirements. Without forgetting, andis crucial, recruitment that puts inclusion and diversity in the right place in the system. » From the start, the Organizing Committee has insisted on the CSR dimension of Paris 2024, it is up to all the economic players concerned such as Sodexo to know how to implement it.

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