Sofiane Oumiha beats Lounes Hamraoui on points

Sofiane Oumiha beats Lounes Hamraoui on points

Olympic vice-champion of -60 kg in 2016, Sofiane Oumiha (28 years old, 1.78m) beat the left-hander Lounès Hamraoui (24 years old, 1.78m) on points (2 judges to 1) at -63.500 kg, Friday evening at the Palais des Sports in Saint-Quentin (Aisne). The two men faced each other in the tournament intended to designate the Blues who will compete in the European Games (June 21-July 2, 2023, Krakow, Poland), the first qualifying event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“It was a tactical, technical fight against Lounès who is as fast as me, remarks Oumiha. On the whole, it was, even if I took some silly blows. With time, it will work out. My real category is 60 or 61 kg, but I’ve gained muscle and I’m a real 63.5. I win two judges to one, it’s normal, Lounès is vice-champion of Europe. At this level, it’s always tight. »

On Saturday afternoon, Oumiha will face Enzo Grau, while Hamraoui will face Grau on Sunday.

Bauderlique also imposes itself

Another 2016 Olympic medalist (bronze), left-hander Mathieu Bauderlique (33) beat Gaëtan Ntambwé (28) on points (2-1) at -80 kg. Both men being from the same club, their coach Mohammed Nichane was in no corner. On Saturday afternoon, Bauderlique will face Raphaël Monny, while Ntambwé will meet Monny on Sunday.

Bauderlique (right) won.  (B. Papon/The Team)

Bauderlique (right) won. (B. Papon/The Team)

“There is still work to find the amateur rhythm, recognizes Bauderlique. I thought I was ready, but I missed a lot of rhythm. As a professional, we are used to a different rhythm. Gaëtan missed it too, because he is also a pro. Against Monny, it will be different, because he is still in the amateur circuit. It’s faster, smoother. I will have to do more. With Gaëtan, it’s also true that we know each other by heart. It came down to little. »

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