“Something is going on…” In Normandy, the Beauregard festival will pass the milestone of 150,000 spectators

Fans of the early summer festival atmosphere are warned: you have to speeder to take the last precious sesame for Beauregard, from July 5 to 9 in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (Calvados), near Caen. “We don’t even have all the programming that all the seats are sold out”, gets carried away by a surfer on the Facebook page of the event, impressed by the enthusiasm. In reality, there are still places for the 1-day and 2-day passes, but the gauges are filling up at an unprecedented speed.

After two cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid, the festival is making a comeback. Last year’s record, at 147,000 spectators, should be followed by a remarkable first according to the co-director (with Claire Lesaulnier) and programmer Paul Langeois: “It’s already sold out on Wednesday and Sunday, and almost sold out on Saturday. It had never happened at this stage of the year. It is hard to see how Beauregard will not be complete”. That is 150,000 people, which has never happened and brings the event into a higher sphere. “When a festival fills up several months in advance, it passes a level. It generates expectations, but it’s a fabulous challenge.

Paul Langeoise, co-director and programmer of the Beauregard festival, in front of posters from previous editions.
Paul Langeoise, co-director and programmer of the Beauregard festival, in front of posters from previous editions.

The epidemic interruption has therefore in no way altered the affection of the public for the historically pop-rock festival, supplemented since 2018 by a more urban touch. On the contrary, he seems to have passed a milestone since his return. Marcellin was there, at the beginning of July 2022, in sumptuous weather. “We had a feeling of reunion, poses the one who has not missed any edition since 2013. From the first day, there was Muse! We are talking about international sizes, with a huge scenic structure, pyrotechnic effects. It is another dimension”.

Fans were then able to vibrate to the sounds of DJ Snake, Clara Luciani, Vianney, Ninho, Juliette Armanet, Sum 41, -M-, Martin Solveig, not to mention Orelsan’s memorable concert on his land. Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher had allowed himself to desert the stage in the middle of a concert, later advancing a medical reason without convincing many people.

If Beauregard is close to its peaks of attendance again, it is because in 2023 it is returning to a five-day formula. Finally four plus one: with Indochina as an aperitif, after Muse last year. The tickets for this before again passed in no time. Angèle, Kungs, Louise Attaque, Alt-J, Lomepal or even Sting will follow, “sure values”, underlines Marcellin, who salutes the organization for having “found its cruising speed, always with this gauge of 30,000 people per day which is pleasant for festival-goers”. A capacity to which the festival is held, “for the well-being of everyone, on the site and around”, explains Paul Langeois, even if it would be possible to bring more people into the site.

A family audience

This is perhaps one of the keys to the success of the event. Despite the fervor, there is no question of giving in to certain sirens. Unchanged gauge with, by extension, a budget for programming that will not explode. The main thing is elsewhere according to the co-director: “The public is confident. It is family run, with all generations well distributed. It’s good child, until late at night. The turning point of 2018, with 20% of the programming reserved for urban music, further widened this panel of spectators. “Musical genres discover each other and young people are very open musically”, remarks Paul Langeois.

The programmer and Marcellin the faithful festival-goer also find themselves on an explanation of the current dynamic of Beauregard: “We have created a Beauregard generation, says the first. It’s free for children under 12. These young people sometimes experienced their first emotions in concert here. Today they are back. It is their festival”.

Marcellin, he remembers with a little emotion his first editions when he was in high school. Beauregard symbolizes the return of sunny days among friends: “It’s a festival with sentimental value for many people. There are a lot of memories, from high school to now.”

Even if the festival will be sold out with its five days, the young man hopes that the event will “come back to four days, because five is tiring (smile)”. An idea shared, again, by Paul Langeois who swears “to know how to set limits. Even without pushing the walls, we can always improve. Make the festival more comfortable, more sustainable and surprise! “.

The organization is aware of this, “something is happening and we are very proud of it”. The announcement of the entire program will complete the impatience of the soon to be 150,000 loyal spectators.

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