soon extended aid for childcare from 6 to 11 years old

Financial assistance for childcare, currently paid by the CAF until entry to CP, will be extended until entry to college for single-parent families.

The financial aid to the babysittingcurrently paid by the CAF until entry to CP, will be extended until entry to college for single-parent families, announced Tuesday the Minister of Solidarity, specifying that this measure would appear in the budget of the "Secupresented next week.

The "addition to the free choice of childcare(CMG), allocated to families subject to resources and currently limited to the age of six years of the child, will be extendedsingle-parent families for children aged 6 to 11“Said Jean-Christophe Combe during a meeting with the Association of Social Information Journalists (AJIS). "It is an extremely strong social measure“, he added, pointing out that “30% of single-parent families live in poverty".

This device had been announced by the President of the Republic during the campaign for his re-election, at the beginning of the year: in his program, the candidate Emmanuel Macron noted that the current aid "stops at 6 years old", whereas "after 6 years, a child does not look after himself, and families, especially single-parent families, find themselves in a sometimes very complicated situation, in particular to reconcile professional and personal life". Two other measures in favor of families, and to be included in the social security financing bill (PLFSS), were announced at the beginning of September.

The first concerns the revaluation of 50% of the minimum alimony paid to single-parent families, which will increase from 123 to 185 euros per month. And the second concerns the remaining charge for families who have their young child looked after. Currently, it is more expensive to use a childminder than a crèche, but the aid will be revised so that the remaining charge is the same, regardless of the mode of care, said Tuesday Mr. Combe.

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