Sophie Ferjani denounces the women who “ganged up” against Stéphane Plaza to “create a buzz”

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Sophie Ferjani and Stéphane Plaza in “Change or move everything” on M6. Screenshot.

The interior designer, present in certain real estate agent shows, defended himself in a long message posted on Instagram.

Accused by several women of physical and verbal violence, threats and humiliation, Stéphane Plaza can count on the unwavering support of his friends. Friday November 27, shortly after the broadcast on M6 of a new issue of “Everything change or move”, Sophie Ferjani used her Instagram account to defend the real estate agent in response to several Internet users who accused her of supporting him.

“Stéphane has been my friend for over fifteen yearsshe recalled. I meet him every day and know this person very well. He certainly has many faults like everyone else, but certainly not that of raising his hand against a woman, a man, a child!”she ured before adding that it is “probably the most loyal man on the planet”.

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The interior designer also wanted to point the finger at Stéphane Plaza’s accusers. “Let’s look at who these women are who have banded together against Stéphane to create more buzz, have more visibility and certainly make some money from it”, she continued. Sophie Ferjani also denounced people who “manipulate the networks and brains of those who read them”. “I hope that these people will not go unpunished because they too destroyed Stéphane”she concluded.

At the end of September, a few days after the publication of the Mediapart investigation, Laurent Ruquier had ured “always take this kind of thing with a grain of salt”. “We have seen lots of cases of the same type which were subsequently contradicted by the interested parties themselves. We must leave Stéphane alone so that he can defend himself from these accusations. I have no doubt about his integrity.”he added.

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A month later, Karine Le Marchand was expressed in Paris Match. “ Ultimately, he’s an idiot, a cad. But I never saw him violent, rarely angryshe said. Afterwards, I have never been in a relationship with him, I don’t know how he behaves with his mistresses”, she said. Invited last Saturday in “What a time!”, the M6 ​​host ured that Stéphane Plaza “East [son] friend”. “I obviously support women when they are really mistreated. It is important that justice moves more quickly in these types of cases for women who have suffered abuse. And it’s important that justice moves faster for people who believe they are wrongly accused.”she demanded.

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