Spain: the alleged author of the letter bombs to the Ukrainian embassy or to Pedro Sanchez arrested

The alleged perpetrator of a salvo of letter bombs sent at the end of last year to the Ukrainian Embassy in Spain or Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has been arrested, according to a police source.

This man, “a 74-year-old retiree”, was arrested in Miranda de Ebro, in northern Spain, said this source, without giving further details. The security officer of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid had been slightly injured in the right hand during the opening of one of these letters, intended for the ambassador.

Letters had also been sent to the Minister of Defence, to an arms company manufacturing grenade launchers donated by Madrid to kyiv at the start of the Russian invasion or to an important Spanish military base.

Spanish justice had opened an investigation for alleged acts of “terrorism”, while kyiv had ordered a reinforcement of security in all its representations.

According to the American daily The New York Timesthe American and European intelligence services suspect a Russian paramilitary group, the Imperial Russian Movement (MIR), of being behind this campaign of sending letter bombs.

Former town hall official

This ultranationalist and white supremacist group, listed on the American list of terrorist organizations in 2020, would have acted underhand for Russian military intelligence (GRU), said the American daily in an article published on Sunday.

But according to sources cited by El Pais, the arrested person is of Spanish nationality and worked until his retirement as a civil servant in the town hall of Vitoria. The investigation indicates that he would have acted alone and that he is not linked to any group. The police searched this Wednesday morning his home in the city of Burgos.

The Spanish Interior Ministry declined to comment on this information.

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