Spanish footballers end strike after winning pay rises

The announcement was made during the night of Wednesday September 13 to Thursday September 14. Players of the Spanish first division have ended their strike movement after obtaining salary increases, announced their union and the F League, organizing the championship. “An agreement between employers and unions has been reached”, said the Futpro players’ union in a press release..

The agreement signed by the two parties provides “a minimum salary of 21,000 euros for the 2023-2024 season, 22,500 euros for the 2024-2025 season and 23,500 euros for the 2025-2026 season”, details Futpro. But this progress “is just the beginning”warns the union, which is calling for improvements in the working conditions of players relating in particular to “maternity leave” or to “protocol of [lutte contre le] harment “.

“The efforts of the clubs during the negotiation contributed fundamentally to the necessary achievement of peace [sociale] without losing sight of the character [économique] sustainable competition »Liga F reacted for its part.

A minimum salary of 16,000 euros per year until now

Called for the first two days of the championship, the strike led to the suspension of the first day this weekend. The second scheduled for the weekend of September 16 and 17 will therefore be able to be played.

The unions demanded wages “at the height of the talent” players, some of whom were crowned world champions with Spain on August 20. So far the minimum salary is 16,000 euros per year.

Discussions around the salaries and working conditions of Spanish players began a year ago, during the transition to the professional level of Liga F. Last week, the unions explained that they had lowered their request to 23,000 euros and the players decided to renew their strike, while Liga F refused to exceed 20,000 euros in offers.

This players’ strike took place as Spanish women’s football was plunged into chaos following the forced kiss scandal from the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, to world champion Jenni Hermoso after La Roja’s world title.

After three weeks of pressure and indignation across Spain and the rest of the world, the latter ended up resigning on Sunday. One of his close friends, the coach of the world champion women’s team, Jorge Vilda, was sacked last week and replaced by his deputy, Montse Toméwho became the first woman to hold this position in Spain.

Last season, a referees’ strike disrupted the start of the Spanish championship before the league agreed to increase their match fees and the Spanish government promised to contribute to a retirement fund for referees.

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