Spassky invented the combination of Good Kisses from Russia

Spassky invented the combination of Good Kisses from Russia

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – This chronicle is devoted to the most beautiful short games of world chess champions. Some even inspired James Bond filmmakers, such as the famous King’s Gambit played by Boris Vasilievitch Spassky against Bronstein in 1960.

Dear enthusiasts of the enchanted world of jumpsuits, we are fascinated by deep conceptions, but short, spectacular duels, hectic miniatures, such as the famous part of Paul Morphy’s Opera, exert a mad attraction on us. In about twenty blows, one of the two kings succumbs. Yet he was led by a great champion. Here, he did not see the opposing combination coming. The inspiration of the moment, the tiger eye of a Tal or an Anand do the rest. These masters are a bit like mediums. They see the blows more than they calculate them…

For the greatest masters, the memory of these masterpieces cannot be erased. Boris Vassilievich Spassky, however very critical of his chess gesture, has long kept in the corridor leading to his room, the tapestry which represented his diabolical Nd6!!! of the King’s Gambit which he inflicted on his rival and friend David Ionovitch Bronstein. He was right to be proud. This combination, a mixture of bluff and audacity…

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