Speaking loudly on the phone in transport, one of the incivilities that most annoys Ile-de-France travelers

To encourage more respectful behavior, the railway company is launching a new poster campaign called “Because we are all on the same train”.

What could be better, to raise awareness of incivility in transport, than to list and quantify them? While a large proportion of travelers face it every day, an OpinionWay survey for Transilien SNCF comes to highlight them this Monday. First point: 8 out of 10 Ile-de-France residents are bothered by this rudeness, a rate which rises to 85% among working people – those who take transport during rush hours. By a reverse mirror effect, 2 out of 10 respondents consider that they are never confronted with these discourtesies.

Among the most common incivilities are keeping your headphones on during the driver’s announcements (46%), getting into an already full train by pushing rather than going into a less full car (23%), putting your feet on the seat (16%), not giving your seat to a priority person (16%), speaking loudly on the phone (13%). In terms of inconvenience, it is this last aspect which annoys Ile-de-France residents the most, at 35%. Putting your feet on the seat irritates 18% of travelers, while 17% of respondents are annoyed by the refusal to give up their seat to a priority person. Faced with this data, a large majority of Ile-de-France residents think they can change. 88% are also ready to no longer make loud phone calls.

“Because we are all on the same train”

To encourage its pengers to adopt more respectful behaviors, the railway company is launching a new poster campaign called “Because we’re all on the same train”, which aims to “highlight these small incivilities without judging them, so that everyone improves their behavior in transport.» Signs to better engage them. With ironic comments like this: “7:03 p.m., France learns that Séverine has planned lasagna for this evening. It’s the shock” Or “Lalala, I act as if I hadn’t seen the granny who wants to sit down.»

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