Specialized in pokes and bowls, this restaurant from Caxias do Sul is new in a historic mansion in Porto Alegre

A Wonder Farm just arrived in Porto Alegre. Inaugurated less than a month ago in the Capital, the restaurant seeks to emphasize the pokes and bowls, items that call the public’s attention due to their practicality and mix of flavors. The new space is located at the old address of urban pharmacyat Rua Hilário Ribeiro, nº 299, in Moinhos de Vento neighborhood.
But, before opening its doors in a historic mansion in Porto Alegre, the business conquered – and still conquers – the clientele of Serra Gaúcha. Wonder Farm was born in Caxias do Sul, in 2019, led by the couple Ingrid Pissaia and Lucas Scopel. The restaurant has two units in the city.

The exclusivity to the northeast of the state, however, was limiting the brand’s growth. “Our desire is to expand more and more. Being in the Capital is essential, it is a showcase. Moinhos de Vento was the first option, as it has a sense of community”, understands Lucas.

Menu of the new restaurant in Porto Alegre

Customer care, incidentally, is one of the precepts of the brand. “The idea is that everyone finds a dish they like”, notes the Wonder Farm partner. With alternatives to breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu at the new restaurant in Porto Alegre highlights pokes and bowls. Options range from R$55.00 to R$92.00.


The special brunch, served with a drink, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, coffee, toast, croissant and dessert, costs BRL 120.00 and is also among the most requested items by customers. Options for starters, pizzas, rolls, wraps and hamburgers complete the menu.

The products are available for delivery on iFood and on the Wonder Farm website, but are also, of course, sold in the historic mansion of Moinhos de Vento. “The grandeur is what impresses the most. Having a brand in a place like this adds up to the meanings it carries for countless people,” says Lucas. The new structure received an investment of R$ 750 thousand and has the capacity to receive around 100 customers in the operation, which has 20 employees.

The importance of being in the Capital

The numbers establish the arrival of Wonder Farm in Porto Alegre. This marks a milestone in the restaurant’s history. “Entrepreneurship is not easy. There are several challenges on the journey. But when this brand expansion happens, have no other feeling but accomplishment”, says Lucas.

Despite the high competition in the Capital, the partner guarantees a good reception from the public. “People are open to discovering something new. Our mission is to work so that customers leave here satisfied”, he adds. The idea, for the coming years, is to take Wonder Farm to cities outside the state, such as São Paulo and Balneário Camboriú.


Wonder Farm general information

Wonder Farm is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm. On Mondays and Sundays, it is open until 4 pm. The new restaurant is located at Rua Hilário Ribeiro, nº 299, in the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood.

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