Sport at home: 10 reasons to become a fan

Sport at home: 10 reasons to become a fan

No need to drag yourself to a weight room, your physical training is now done at home and without equipment. Here are ten good reasons to make your “home sweet home” the temple of well-being and fitness.

1. Stop wasting time

Forget the journeys to crowded gyms filled with sports instruments of all kinds. Save time and relearn to love sport by simply practicing it at home and without equipment. With only 20 minutes of training at home, you can enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

2. Reconcile with your figure

How about recovering some confidence in yourself and your appearance? To do this, look no further, sculpt your body at home thanks to a tailor-made program. Precisely determine your goals before any workout and don’t wait any longer to achieve them. You will be proud of yourself and dare to show everyone your new friends who will be your muscles.

3. Make your body your best ally

You feel a little more the heaviness of your body every day. Climbing a flight of stairs wouldn’t even occur to you. Abandon the elevator now and dare the unthinkable. Each small stone builds a wall. Accompany this effort with regular training at home, three times a week, which can be adapted to your level in order to make you progress as well as possible.

4. Surpass yourself

The most difficult thing in the gym is to be confronted with others. They all look bigger, more athletic, and better trained than you. Constantly comparing yourself, you can only develop a great rejection of sport and this type of place. At home, you will no longer have to ogle the neighbor, the only person to impress will be yourself. You will therefore progress more efficiently.

5. Take care of your piggy bank

Training at home will cost you 5 to 10 times less than joining a gym. You will be able to enjoy your money differently while improving yourself physically. Isn’t life beautiful?

6. Stay in control

Far from sports halls, you no longer need to support a playlist at odds with your musical tastes, you choose the music in your environment. The training is therefore done at the pace that you have determined. In addition, you will no longer need to pay attention to the opening hours, it is you who decides when your session starts. Waiting in a gym in front of a busy machine will be a distant memory.

7. Lose weight

Getting rid of your excess pounds should be sufficient motivation to reconcile you with sport. Regular physical activity in a familiar environment, away from the gaze of others, will allow you to believe in your abilities again. You will then see these unsightly bumps that were ruining your life melt like snow in the sun. For this, training must of course be accompanied by a balanced and varied diet.

8. Hold your head up high

You will no longer have to fear needlessly humiliating yourself in front of others by trying to reproduce the exercises of your machine neighbor. You will be able to test and repeat the movements without being looked at askance. And you will no longer have to rack your brains about how much weight to take for your dumbbells.

9. Show off

Schwarzenegger and his bodybuilding cronies better watch out. You too can brag about knowing terms such as “burpees”, “squats” or “crunches”, but you will also know how to perform them. A small demonstration at a party can only impress your friends and make them red with envy.

10. Stop procrastinating

Thanks to home training, your tendency to procrastinate will vanish, because in effect, you will no longer have a choice and will be forced to follow your program. Excuses like “the gym is too far away”, ” I do not have time “ Where “It really costs too much” can no longer be part of your vocabulary. And so much the better, because you will now be well in your body and your mind.

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