Squeezie, the art of reinventing entertainment

Published on Dec 8 2023 at 12:00

Yes, spending your days playing video games can lead to anything… It is thanks to his pion for gaming that, at twenty-seven years old, Lucas Hauchard today possesses all the attributes of a media mogul.

Better known as Squeezie, he has millions of fans, rubs shoulders with the biggest stars of television and cinema, has a statue at the Grévin museum, and soon a documentary on his life… The figures are enough to make people pale. “old” media: with 23 million subscribers to its YouTube channels (including 18.5 million on the main channel), the equivalent of almost a third of the French population, it is – by far – the first “ influencer » French. Not to mention his millions of subscribers on Instagram (more than 8 million), but also on X, TikTok and Twitch. His most popular video on YouTube has been viewed 67 million times! To give an order of comparison, “TPMP”, very popular with young people, has 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube and a recent peak of 2.4 million viewers on television, certainly in a single evening.


The young entrepreneur is a success story in his own right: he begins by filming himself commenting on video games in his bedroom, before teaming up with another YouTube star, Cyprien – they separate fairly quickly. While still a teenager, he gained his first million subscribers. At twenty years old, the autodidact (he has a baccalaureate) earns 4 million euros, by reselling his shares in the agency Web Talent at Webedia.

Quickly, the young Ile-de-France native, from a relatively traditional family – a father in IT, a mother in psychology – diversified his business, primarily focused on advertising (ads in his videos, partnerships, etc.). In 2020, he participated in the creation of Bump, of which he is still a shareholder (non-controlling), which manages around sixty talents (around 30 million in revenue).

He is also the head of a production company, Unfold, launched a clothing brand with his brother, a structure organizing races with Formula 4 (GP Explorer, which he also broadcasts), a racing team -sport and even recorded an album that became a gold record… In total, around a hundred people work directly or indirectly for him.

Meeting him is a challenge, the only time being several weeks away. “He is a true entrepreneur. He’s a bit like the Neo from ‘The Matrix’, capable of anticipating trends and pushing the boundaries of entertainment, explains Laurent Rumayor, president of Bump. He is also a workaholic, who never stops. »

Documentary on Amazon Prime

Squeezie had the flair for reinterpreting the codes of entertainment to adapt it to young people. “Today, when he hosts Marion Cotillard or Pierre Niney, we talk about them more than when they appear on TV shows,” says Josh Roa, ociate director of Bump.

Will he make good old television one day? Little chance, he said recently “Télérama”. However, he knows the codes. “Many parents have told me: you are the Pierre Bellemare of our children,” he said to “Le Monde”. However, he is considering projects in entertainment with platforms. In a few weeks, Amazon Prime Video will devote a documentary series to him, which his production company co-produced. The art of being multi-format.

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