“Star Academy”: Marie-Maud eliminated after an evening full of surprises

Fourth prime time for the “Star Academy” 2023 on TF 1. Sorry, the “Star Aaaaac”, as its host Nikos Aliagas says so well. And a fanfare entry to the sound of the anthem, “At the end of my dreams” by Jean-Jacques Goldman, with a special guest: Vitaa, the godmother of the promotion. “An involved godmother,” notes the presenter. And for good reason, in one month, she has already recorded a video message, visited the students, made a surprise appearance on prime time… Nothing to do with Robbie Williams last year!

But no time to chat because production has organized a nice surprise for Axel. The young man was thinking of doing a duet with his comrade Pierre… before being surprised by his idol Florent Pagny! “It can sometimes be a bad idea because you can be destabilized… He shook a little but that’s good! », laughed the man who had not come for fifteen years. “I was called three days ago…,” he confided. At the same time, 22 years ago, I was the first godfather. 22 years later, when a program continues to exist like this, we must pay tribute to it. »

From surprise to surprise, after a great performance with Lénie, Vitaa also decided to offer a duet to Clara, who was nominated this week. Some notes from “A fleur de toi”, “his dream” according to the artist. A very nice moment there too. From there to saying that this evening is transformed into a “Surprise sur prize”, there is only one step since in turn, Pierre has the right to a special guest in the person of Kendji Girac, who has come to interfere in the planned duet with Vianney. A surprise for everyone, an ordinary Saturday evening for Nikos Aliagas.

Beyoncé’s cover turns into carnage

For the nominees, it was a different story. If Julien and Clara saved the furniture with “I’ll Stand by You”, it was much, much more difficult for Marie-Maud and Héléna. Their cover of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy” turned into carnage between screams and repeated false notes. Damage. To make up for it, there was the “secret duel” inaugurated this Saturday. In each pair, a nominee had to offer a vocal feat: clic Christina Aguilera for Héléna, an impressive Jacques Brel for Julien. Then the other member of the duo had the mission of making the audience dance. Successful for Clara on “Only Girl (in the World)” by Rihanna, less so for Marie-Maud with “Flamme” by Juliette Armanet.

So obviously, at 11:55 p.m., at the time of the results, no big surprise: the public chose to save Julien and Clara. The other academicians then had to decide. And with only the voices of Margot and Djebril, Marie-Maud was deprived of a return to Dammarie-les-Lys. And a highly anticipated debrief this Sunday, for which Cécile Chaduteau will be accompanied by Slimane!

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