‘Star Academy’ personality unmasked in ‘Mask Singer’

The alien and the witch had to reveal their identity, this Friday, May 12, in the entertainment of TF1. An international star has also appeared.

The last evening of “Mask Singer”, this Friday, May 12, was marked by the appearance of a new character: a carnivorous plant. And English speaking. It is an international star. She was put on waivers, facing the alien, who had to beat the masks. Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher for the show “Star Academy”. Fan of Freddy Mercury (a mustache had been shown as a clue), former lyrical voice (an opera had been seen), this combative thirty-something was highlighted by its page in season 10 of the musical telecrochet. Several investigators had guessed the true face of the alien.

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Audiences on the rise

During the evening, the witch also had to reveal her features. Singer Zaho then appeared. This interpreter made a name for herself more than ten years ago with the song It’s weird. In 2015 and 2016, she participated in the musical The Legend of King Arthur. Are therefore still in contention today: the husky, the carnivorous plant, the jellyfish, the camel, the doe. A new international star will appear as a kangaroo next Friday.

This week, “Mask Singer” garnered 3.41 million viewers, representing 18.5% of the audience. TF1 comes in second place, just behind France 2 and its Agatha Christie’s Little Murders. Last Friday, this same first part of the front page entertainment attracted 3.17 million viewers, or 16.9% of the public.

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