“Star Academy”: Victorian eliminated at the end of the symphony evening

Each week brings its share of surprises and disillusionments on the set of the “Star Academy”. For this fifth prime time of the 2023 edition, the apprentice singers were accompanied by a symphony orchestra of 40 musicians, conducted by Matthieu Gonet, during their performances. Impossible to forget as this particularity was recalled throughout the show by Nikos who wore a sequinned tie.

As for the guests, it was Slimane who launched the hostilities, alongside Julien on the song “Viens on s’aime”. A nice duo where it was the pro who faltered by missing the start of one of his sentences. A mistake quickly caught which did not spoil anything from the picture. “He helped me,” Slimane even told young Julien. The singer continued to give gifts to the students, in particular by improvising a moment with Margot on “Thousands of I love you”.

Clara delivers a solid and moving performance

Nothing is ever performed in the singing competition. So, two nominees who risked elimination last Saturday, Héléna and Clara inherited second and third places in the ranking following this week’s evaluations with scores of 16.3 and 15.7/20. They were only beaten by Pierre with a nice 17/20. Clara also gave a great performance with Chimène Badi on “Entre nous”, solid, moving and without a false note. But on this evening, real differences in level were felt between the academicians. Where Julien and Axel both shone on “Le Temps des Cathédrales” (despite a false note from the first at the end), Héléna and Lénie completely failed on “Firework” by Katy Perry. As for Pierre, he further confirmed his favorite status thanks to an intense “Hymne à l’amour”, making the singing teacher, Adeline Toniutti, burst into tears.

Mika was also there for a medley shared with Lénie, Pierre and Axel. The latter was strangely suspended in the air by a harness, a position in which he did not seem very comfortable, and even lost a shoe! The discomfort continued with the surprise reserved for Lénie who saw her grandfather arrive with whom she tried to sing “La Bohème” with difficulty. Not easy either for Héléna who initially had a little difficulty in winning against the powerful Charlotte Cardin on her track “Anyone Who Loves Me”, before rising on the second part of the song. All under the eyes of his mother Brigitte.

“Don’t be stringy, just shiny”

For the last duet of this show on Saturday December 2, Lénie took the stage with Nej’. They sang “Paro”. The youngest member of the cl looked delighted for her only somewhat successful performance of the day.

As for the nominees of the week, Candice started with a cute “I send waltz” from Zazie. Later, Victorien delivered a fragile “10 years of us” by Ben Mazué. Djebril, finally, ventured into a title in English, “Another Love” by Tom Odell. A challenge taken up with imperfections but much more relief than its two comrades. In the end, viewers decided to save Candice. Then Djebril was drafted by the other academicians as during the second prime time, condemning Victorien to leave the adventure.

Note that the best line of the evening goes to Nikos: “Don’t be stringy, just be brilliant,” he said earlier in the evening to Margot who had just finished her choreographed tableau perched on a star.

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