Stars of David drawn in Paris: Moscow denies any involvement and criticizes “stupid” suspicions

Unsurprisingly, Russian diplomacy denied this Thursday any link with the mysterious blue star of david tags appeared in France, believing that suspicions targeting Moscow, relayed in the French press in recent days, were “stupid” and “unworthy”. October 31, about sixty blue stars marked with a stencil had been discovered in Paris and the suburbs, creating strong emotion and numerous questions in the context of conflict between Israel and Palestinian Hamas.

French justice is now considering the possibility of a sponsor “abroad” and, according to several media, investigators believe that the order could have come from Russia. A Moldovan couple, arrested after spraying a Star of David, said they had acted “on the orders of a third party and for remuneration, which was evidenced by a conversation in Russian on their phone”, according to the public prosecutor of Paris, Laure Beccuau.

According to sources close to the matter, the alleged sponsor of these actions is Anatoliï Prizenko, a pro-Russian Moldovan businessman. “No, there was no external influence, it is not a diversion or a provocation,” said Russian diplomatic spokesperson Maria Zakharova on Thursday.

“Unworthy” accusations, according to Russia

She ured that it was an “attempt, apparently, by the French authorities or their intelligence services, to simply claim that the rise of anti-Semitism in France is of a nature other than internal. These accusations are “stupid, absolute nonsense and simply unworthy”, castigated Maria Zakharova during a press conference.

The meaning of these tags, photos of which had made the rounds on social networks, had raised a lot of questions and given rise to various interpretations. But many political figures had seen anti-Semitic acts there, the number of which has recently increased in France according to the authorities. Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, for example, denounced “despicable actions”.

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