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While millions are fighting for their livelihood in Turkey, the government issues austerity circulars and recommends patience to the citizens. The government that ‘does not save reputation’ spends millions on numerous palaces and mansions.

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Start saving here first

While millions are fighting for their livelihood in Turkey, the government issues austerity circulars and recommends patience to the citizens. On the other hand, there is pomp in many palaces, mansions and pavilions in Ankara-Istanbul, Marmaris and Ahlat. Only Beştepe Palace spent 647 million TL in June. The expenditure of the palace in the first 6 months was calculated as 2 billion 171 million, an hourly expense of 900 thousand, and a one-minute expense of 15 thousand liras.

Huber Mansion, located on the European side of Istanbul and on the shores of the Bosphorus, is used as the summer office of the President. It mostly stays idle, its cost never ends.

Ahlat Mansion, Marmaris summer palace and Istanbul Mabeyin, Vahdettin and Huber Mansions are used 3-4 times a year. Ahlat was used for only 2 days last year and this year due to the celebration of the Malazgirt victory. The annual use of Marmaris does not exceed 15 days. If foreign guests come, they stay here for 2-3 days at most. Dolmabahçe and Beylerbeyi Palaces, Beykoz, Küçuksu, Ihlamur, Yıldız Şale, Aynalıkavak Maslak pavilions, Florya and Yalova Atatürk, Filizi Köşk were also taken from the Parliament and attached to the Presidency. Beştepe Palace cost 1 billion 370 million liras and Marmaris cost 640 million liras in 2014. Bitlis Ahlat Mansion, which was opened in 2020, was built for 225 million liras.


The Presidential Palace in Ankara Beştepe with 1,150 rooms, which is the most used, is swallowing millions every month. The construction cost of the palace, which was completed in 2014, was announced as 1 billion 370 million liras. The modest 3+1 Presidential Residence in Marmaris Okluk Bay, where 8th President Turgut Özal spent his summer holidays, was demolished and replaced with a “Marmaris Okluk Guesthouse” and 640 million TL was spent on its construction at the prices of that day. On the other hand, 225 million TL was spent for the Bitlis Ahlat Mansion, inaugurated by President Erdogan on August 25, 2020.

The Presidency spends millions on the palaces it uses.

The expenditure of the palace in June was 647 million liras. Its expenditure in the first 6 months is 2 billion 171 million liras. “The palace spent 18 thousand liras per minute in July,” said CHP’s Ali Mahir Basarir.

Beştepe cost 1.3 billion

Beştepe Palace, which was started to be built in 2012, was built on the land of Atatürk Forest Farm. 10,000 trees were removed for the connection roads of the palace. The total area of ​​the campus was 150 thousand square meters. Although the Council of State decided to stop it on March 4, 2014 because it was a protected area, the construction continued. In November 2014, the cost of the building was announced as 1 billion 370 million liras. It was announced by President Erdoğan himself that there are 1,150 rooms in the palace.

The Presidential Guesthouse in Cennet Bay Okluk is used as a summer palace. 9 years ago, 640 million lira was spent for its construction. It is used 15 days a year. It costs too much.

300-room summer palace

Marmaris Okluk Guest House, known as the ‘summer palace’, was completed in 2019 and was built on a 92-decare land. Staff lodgings were also built in the summer palace, where 5 buildings are located. The filling area of ​​10 thousand 966 square meters was filled with special sand and gravel and turned into a beach. The cost of arranging the coast alone was 30 million TL in 2017. It is stated that the palace, whose construction was completed in secrecy by Rönesans Holding, has 300 rooms.

225 million lira was spent for the mansion, which was opened in 2020. This year it was only used for 2 days due to the Manzikert Victory celebration ceremony. The mansion, built with Seljuk architecture, is on the lake shore.

Ahlat Mansion with lake view

Presidential Bitlis Ahlat Mansion was built on the shore of Lake Van. The official opening of the mansion was held on August 25, 2020. The construction area of ​​the Ahlat mansion, which has a floor area of ​​1,071 square meters, is 39 thousand square meters. There were also criticisms that the mansion was unnecessary, escaping to luxury and pomp, and harming natural life. It is stated that there are 20 personnel and security guards in Ahlat Mansion in summer and winter.

Get off the Mercedes Get on the Togg

The AKP government, which used the local and national vehicle Togg for voting during the election period, got off Togg after the election and got back into a Mercedes. The fact that Togg, which is used as an important propaganda tool by the AKP, is not used as an official tool draws criticism. A call is made to the government to abandon imported vehicles and use Toggs. Instead of turning to domestic production, which is an important way of saving power, the government has imported vehicles in its fleet. The office vehicle shift of Togg, a domestic production car, which was widely advertised during the election period, ended after the election. While it is stated that the number of office vehicles in our country has reached 156 thousand, this number is 9 thousand in Germany, 10 thousand in Japan and 8 thousand in France. In Turkey, which holds the world record in terms of the number of official vehicles, the government also prefers imported brands Mercedes and Audi vehicles.

Propaganda MATERIAL

The importance of domestic and national production is indisputable to reduce expenditures, but the Togg, which was given to heads of state in order to strengthen relations during international visits, is not used as a tool of authority in the Presidency, ministries and Parliament. In the general elections held in May, AKP ministers traveled with Togg vehicles on their election trips.
While making election propaganda to the citizens, after the election, the red plates were removed from the Togg and refitted to the Mercedes.

‘156 thousand office vehicles should be local and national’

The Parliamentary Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission made a technical inspection trip to Togg’s Technology Campus in Gemlik district of Bursa. During the visit of Commission President Mustafa Varank and commission members, deputies tested Togg. Commission member, CHP Adana Deputy Müzeyyen Şevkin, drawing attention to the importance of supporting domestic investors and the sub-industry, said, “We hope that other sectors will be supported by the state in real terms, and if possible, not only in the election areas, but also in the national and local authority vehicles, which are currently 156 thousand.” said.

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