State aid to equip your home with a connected heating system launched this Friday

Being able to adjust the temperature in your home using a remote control has practical but also economical advantages. In any case, this is what the State thinks, which has set up aid intended to encourage households to equip their homes with a connected heating system. This will come into force on Friday, according to a decree published this Wednesday in the Official Journal.

By purchasing new connected radiator buttons, programmable and controllable remotely, room by room, the government hopes that the French will reduce their heating consumption and their energy bill.

This “boost”, provided in the framework of the government’s sobriety planmay vary depending on the heated surface area, from 260 euros for accommodation of less than 35 m2 up to 624 euros for 130 m2 and beyond, according to the decree.

85% of housing in France affected

It concerns homes with individual heating, i.e. nearly 85% of homes in France (compared to 9.9% with collective heating and 5% connected to a heating network).

“Effective from December 1, this measure will necessarily encourage the French to equip themselves in order to reduce their heating bill by at least 15%, thanks to the automation of gestures of sobriety”, welcomed in a communicated the Ignes alliance.

This brings together around forty manufacturers marketing electrical and home automation equipment in France, some of which include connected heating control solutions (Netatmo, Schneider Electric, Hager, Delta Dore, Intuis, Atlantic, Ogga, ABB).

This aid “will make it possible to reduce the percentage of French people who do not always turn down their heating at night,” judged Ignes, or 23% of French people according to a major survey published in May.

The aid will be accessible until December 31, 2024, initially, and can “reach 80% of the amount of the installation”, specified Ignes. It will be paid “without means test” by completing an application for an energy savings certificate (EEC), if necessary with help from your energy supplier.

Few homes equipped with thermostats

The solution must be compatible with the reception Ecowatt alerts and Écogaz created by the public authorities to warn in the event of tight supplies on the network.

The explosion in energy prices has boosted sales of thermostats, but France remains under-equipped with solutions to control heating (or lighting) and reduce bills, according to manufacturers.

Less than half of French people have a heating system that accurately indicates the temperature, according to the major survey published in May by RTE, the electricity network manager. Gold, small eco-gestures to turn off or lower the heating manually, are not enough to reduce electricity or gas consumption satisfactorily.

State aid prepares for the future change in regulations scheduled for January 1, 2027 when all homes, existing or new, must be equipped with a thermostat for heating or air conditioning.

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