Stove exploded in Elazig, part of the house collapsed – Sözcü

In the explosion that occurred in the coal stove on the 2nd floor of the detached house in Elazig, a part of the house collapsed. The owner of the house where the explosion occurred and 1 person in the adjacent house where the damage occurred were injured.


The incident occurred in the evening hours in a 2-storey house on Yüce Tepe Street in the Salih Baba District.

Allegedly, an explosion occurred in the stove on the second floor of the house for an undetermined reason. While a part of the house collapsed in the explosion, the adjacent house was also damaged. The owner of the house, Kazım Klavun (75), which caught fire with the collapse, and a woman, whose name cannot be learned, who lived in the adjacent building, were injured.

Firefighters, health and police teams were dispatched to the scene. After the first aid, the injured were taken to the hospital by ambulances and treated. The fire was put under control with the intervention of firefighters. A study was initiated to determine the cause of the explosion that caused the collapse of the house.

Ferhat Klavun, grandson of Kazım Klavun, who came to the address shortly after the explosion, said, “It was said that the stove exploded in the house. Whether it was the fire brigade or the police, they intervened immediately. My grandfather is doing well now. They took him to the hospital. “Crews are investigating at home,” he said. (DHA)

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