Strike of March 7: can the employer take charge of alternative transport?

Strike of March 7: can the employer take charge of alternative transport?

THE public transport will be severely disrupted Tuesday. In Paris, of the 14 metros in circulation, only two will operate normally, even if they risk being quickly saturated. And this strike of March 7 against pension reform could well last, according to the wishes of some of the opponents of Emmanuel Macron’s flagship project.

As a result, many users will try to book a ride by VTC, taxi, or carpool, in the event of force majeure, to reach their place of work or return home. Will they be reimbursed by their employer?

Unless agreed in advance, the employer is not obliged to reimburse alternative transport costs. This will depend on “his good will”, but also on the “status of the employee”, indicates Delphine Borgel, lawyer specializing in labor law.

Expense ?

“A manager benefiting from the reimbur*****t of expense reports could, for example, use this device to be reimbursed for his taxi journeys, if his employer accepts it”, imagines the lawyer. “For those who do not have access to the expense report system, it will be more difficult. »

The reimbur*****t of alternative transport is “not a legal obligation for the employer”, agrees Caroline André-Hesse, lawyer in labor law and individual and collective social relations. “Above all, it will be complicated for him to compensate one employee and not another, if the two live within the same perimeter. Because this could create a situation of discrimination. »

Only partial coverage of the price of public transport subscriptions taken out by employees is compulsory.

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