Strikes: SNCF will compensate TGV subscribers

After the major disturbances, the SNCF made a move. The railway group will release compensation for TGV subscribers, following the successive strikes by railway workers for the past four months, mobilized against the pension reform. Unlike occasional travellers, whose ticket is automatically reimbursed when a train is cancelled, subscribers do not normally receive any compensation. In total, “twenty thousand” customers are affected.

In an email sent at the end of last week to several user ociations, SNCF Voyageurs announces that it will “address an exceptional measure to all holders of a Max Actif +/Max Actif subscription corresponding to a reduction of 50% on June monthly payment. »

Holders of a monthly or weekly “LGV package”, which allows unlimited travel on a specific high-speed line, will be able to benefit “between 15 and 20% of the amount of their package depending on the months affected by the strikes, and this up to 50% if three monthly packages are impacted”, is it signified in the same email. These “commuters” will have to file a claim for compensation – with supporting documents – via a “processing platform” between June 1 and 30.

“Not commensurate with the damage suffered”

“It is not up to the damage suffered since December, we reprimand the ociation of users of the TGV Tours-Paris line. We spend between 500 and 700 euros per month and we have not been able to benefit from all of the severely degraded service with significant professional impacts. We are claiming a lump sum compensation of 500 euros for all French TGV subscribers, without reservation date conditions! »

Commuters using the high-speed lines will not be the only ones to receive compensation. Last week, the Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, announced a gesture for Intercités users, whose circulations were badly affected during the social movements. All customers who have taken out a subscription for the months of January, February, March or April will be reimbursed for 50% of its cost. The other “regular travellers” will receive a check for 100 euros, if they have made more than five round trips in the month.

As for TER users, managed by the regions, only subscribers to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes network will receive compensation, for the month of March only. Holders of a monthly plan received a refund of 50% of its amount by transfer. Those with an annual subscription benefited from a 50% reduction on the May levy.

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