Stuart Lancaster will lead Racing 92 from next season

There will indeed be a before and after the 2023 World Cup at Racing, a club of rare stability since it will have consumed only two chiefdoms between 2007 and 2023 - Pierre Berbizier then the Travers-Labit duo, which became solo when the second left for the France team

. Next season, Laurent Travers, manager of Ciel et Blanc since his arrival from Castres in 2013, will no longer hold this position. He will be replaced by the Englishman Stuart Lancaster (52), former coach of the XV de la Rose between 2011 and 2015, who has since become, in Leinster, the thinker of the attacking game of the province of Dublin and the armed arm of Leo Cullen.

Lancaster knows where he's stepping According to our information, Lancaster signed his contract on Thursday. By attracting such a size, recognized by his peers as one of the finest technicians in Europe, Racing marks the beginning of a new era. Until now, Jacky Lorenzetti had never entrusted the keys to Le Plessis to an English speaker. But he had expressed, in recent months, his desire, why not, to open up to this possibility."We do not forbid ourselves anything on the timing, nor on the nationality"

, the president told us last spring. Lancaster knows where he is stepping. In 2018, he came to spend three days at Racing, as an accelerated observation internship. The first lines of the page that will turn to Racing date back several months. Last April, The Team revealed that Thibault Giroud, the current director of performance of the fifteen of France, would join Racing immediately after the World Cup, in a similar role. We also informed of the return of Dr. Sylvain Blanchard to oversee the entire medical sector. A former OM doctor, he left Racing to work at AS Monaco and has just reopened his practice at Racing."We don't build for three years"

insisted Lorenzetti last spring.

Contepomi in its wake?

Stuart Lancaster might not arrive with empty suitcases in the Hauts-de-Seine. His former sidekick on the Leinster bench, Felipe Contepomi, who left for five months to train the Argentine selection, would be part of the Englishman's plans (after the World Cup), like one or two other assistants. But nothing has yet been decided on these subjects. As it is not recorded either that Johnny Sexton is the successor of Lancaster at Leinster, even if the Irish press evokes this hypothesis.

On the effective side, there will be no shortage of files to switch to the post-World Cup 2023. The main one will undoubtedly revolve around the position of number 10, if it is confirmed that Finn Russell will not go beyond his contract. which ends in June. Champion of France in 2016, triple finalist of the European Cup (2016, 2018, 2020), Laurent Travers is not pushed to the door of Racing. It was never in question. To him, Lorenzetti's loyalty has never been found wanting. Together, they form the longest-serving president-manager couple in the Top 14 landscape. Jacky Lorenzetti has always been clear about his vision for the future:

“It is Laurent who will choose his successor. And you don't need to be a great cleric to understand that in the near future Laurent will be Chairman of our Management Board, while I will be Chairman of the Supervisory Board, responsible for setting the main strategic orientations. »

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