Subsidies under threat: feminists denounce “instrumentalization” and criticize Aurore Bergé’s reaction

The feminist collective #WeAll described this Monday as “instrumentalization” of the comments of the delegate minister Aurore Bergé who wants to cut subsidies to feminist ociations having made “ambiguous remarks” about Hamas attack in Israel on October 7. After the bloody attack and Israeli reprisalsthe collective, and other feminist ociations and figures, were strongly criticized for their “silence” on information and testimonies reporting s committed by Hamas men.

#NousToutes and other ociations defended themselves by claiming to fight for “all women” and said they condemn “unambiguously the and sexist crimes, s and feminicides committed by Hamas, which particularly targeted women, LGBTQIA + people and children.”

“No ambiguity. We believe all the victims”

“There is no ambiguity on the part of feminists, we believe all the victims, we are the first to denounce all male violence against women, wherever they come from,” declared this Monday to AFP Amy Bah, president of #NousToutes Lille, the day after the comments of the Minister responsible for Gender Equality.

Amy Bah describes the remarks of the Minister of Equality between Women and Men as “instrumentalization of Hamas’ crimes and Israel’s response in Gaza to avoid taking responsibility for the lack of resources in the fight against gender violence”.

A backlash against feminism

“It’s a backlash (backlash against women’s rights, editor’s note) with the idea also that feminists would cost society dearly,” she added. “We are financially independent, we do not receive public money, but this is not the case for all ociations. »

The activist “recalls that ociations which depend on subsidies carry out public service missions. The State is taking responsibility for them, so it is scandalous to threaten them today, especially as it endangers the victims of violence.”

Guest Sunday on Radio J, Aurore Bergé announced that the government was “sifting” the statements linked to the October 7 attack on all feminist ociations, expressing her refusal to see the State financially support “ociations which cannot characterize what is happening.” happened “. The minister said she made this request to the administration last week and expected a return “in the coming days”.

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