successful debut for Pascale de La Tour du Pin hosting “Touche pas à mon poste!”

The former BFMTV journalist, who exceptionally replaced Cyril Hanouna on Monday evening at the head of the C8 talk show, demonstrated incredible ease.

When Cyril Hanouna announced to her, last September 7 live on C8, that she would be his joker this season in ” Do not touch My TV! » , Pascale de La Tour du Pin seemed half-enthusiastic. “If I die, which I don’t want, my joker this year will be Pascale de La Tour du Pin. Know it, she has just learned it », he said during his monologue at the start of the show. Surprised, the former BFMTV journalist replied that she hoped he would never be sick this season.

But Cyril Hanouna knew that on Monday September 25, until 8:30 p.m., he would not be able to be present on the air due to Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday where practitioners must not work for 25 hours. For her baptism of fire, alone at the animation of “TPMP”, with the portrait of the boss at her side, Pascale from La Tour du Pin quickly managed to overcome her stress to get into the tone of the show. Funny, dynamic and perfectly integrated by the group of columnists, she did better than replace Cyril Hanouna. She imposed her style, radiating the show with her good humor.

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On social networks, compliments multiplied throughout the evening. “Pascale de La Tour du Pin is excellent at hosting “TPMP”. If she had the right to a real crew, a real set and real guests, her show “PAF” would gain in quality and viewers”underlined an Internet user. “It’s a real pleasure to watch “TPMP” when it’s Pascale from La Tour du Pin hosting. It’s funny, fluid, light, everyone has a voice, no one gets left behind and Pascale is ultra comfortable and relaxed, in her element.”writes another. “Pascale is so much more comfortable with a real round table. Proof once again that “PAF” would be much better on set with more columnists and the public. She is solar »we can read elsewhere.

What audiences for “TPMP” with Pascale de La Tour du Pin?

What about audiences? In a show where success is largely based on the presence of Cyril Hanouna, viewers did not flee this “TPMP” hosted by Pascal de La Tour du Pin. Compared to the previous Monday, the first two parts were on par with more than 700,000 viewers on average (3.8% PDA) between 7:05 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. then more than a million viewers until 9 p.m. (4.8 % of PDA). Cyril Hanouna took over the reins of the talk show shortly after 8:35 p.m..

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