Sullivan: Lack of aid to Ukraine and Israel will harm US interests

Cutting off financial istance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and other countries would cause “serious harm” to US interests, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

“U.S. interests will be seriously harmed if we fail to secure and maintain funding for Israel, Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific and the border,” he said during the briefing.

The Democratic and Republican parties support istance to Ukraine, the White House is convinced. According to the adviser, parliament will come to an agreement, but it is not yet known “how exactly, through what mechanism and to what extent.”

At the same time, on November 12, US House Speaker Mike Johnson presented his version of a bill for temporary funding of government programs, which does not provide for support for Israel and Ukraine. The publication clarifies that, according to Johnson, istance to Ukraine should be considered independently of other foreign istance.

On November 17, the US parliament must approve the federal budget for the new fiscal year. If an agreement is not reached, the US government will close completely or partially (depending on the distribution of funding), in other words, declare a “shutdown”.

Earlier, Erin McKee, istant to the head of the American Agency for International Development (USAID) for European and Eurasian Affairs, said that the United States may stop supplying humanitarian aid to Ukraine because the government has run out of funds for direct budgetary support to Kiev. On November 3, the White House acknowledged that the United States had begun sending small packages of military aid to Ukraine to stretch support.

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