Sumptuous villa with panoramic view seeks new owner

When you have such a sumptuous site, the architecture must fade away, be discreet to get the best out of it. This is no doubt what the American architect Barry Dierks thought when he built this villa on the Estérel rock in 1926. Baptized “The Trident” (probably in reference to the attribute of the god of the sea, Neptune or Poseidon), the residence is located in a dominant position on an isolated plot of 6000 m², on a small peninsula on the tip of the Esquillon. In addition to the incredible panoramic sea view of Saint-Raphael in Cannes, the place has a private cove and beach.

Proof of the care that the architect brought to this achievement, it is his first creation but it is above all the house that he built for himself and for the one who will be the companion of a lifetime, the banker Eric Sawyer , a Briton working in France, whom he met when he came to complete his American training in France. Thereafter, Le Trident will become both Barry Dierks’ workshop and calling card, while also being a point of page for many celebrities and great fortunes of the time from Anglo high society. -American.

Pico and the ss of Windsor

This piece of architecture and history is currently offered for sale, in particular by the Michaël Zingraf network for the sum of 15.95 million euros. The villa which saw Pico p by, Somerset Maughamthe Duke and ss of Windsor or even the playwright Noel Coward was recently treated to a makeover signed by the firm 4a Architectes of Stuttgart. The renovation has endeavored to preserve the heritage of Dierks by not touching or very little on the outside while bringing a more contemporary atmosphere to the interior.

We thus find this “white architecture” which gives pride of place to luminosity and simplicity. Partitions have been removed inside, both on the ground floor and upstairs to create spaces bathed in light, without any obstacles, with more fluid circulation than in the past. Long windows, white furniture, white varnished solid oak parquet and gl elements give the rooms a bright and calm atmosphere.

Developing nearly 300 m² of living space, the villa has 6 bedrooms and an outdoor swimming pool. Since its renovation, it has been embellished with a suspended fireplace, for winter evenings, and custom joinery designed like independent cubes paneled in teak. A barely veiled reference to the hulls of boats and therefore to the sea that the villa Le Trident celebrates. And to make life easier for the masters of the place, the house now has some home automation with a centralized control panel to manage the blinds and the temperature. What is far from being a gadget in this sector.

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