Super pbook, term accounts, subsidized euro funds… What are the new pbook A competitors really worth?

LE + ECO – Savers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to placing their wool socks. In the wake of a 3% Livret A savings account, savings product offers are regaining color.

Households that were accustomed to their low-risk or low-risk savings bring them nothing, will no longer know where to turn. The offers of tempting banking products have multiplied in recent months: super savings accounts paying 4% for money, term accounts offering up to 4.5%, or funds in euros announcing more than 3.5%. Indeed, the competition from the 3% pbook A, liquid and tax-free, but with a limited ceiling (22,950 euros) obliges the banks to offer better returns (taxed at the flat tax at 30% or subject to insurance taxation -life according to the length of detention). The surge in interest rates gives them more leeway for this. But how to choose the product best suited to your needs, and the most profitable? Overview.

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