Support for healthcare workers going on strike in the UK

Support for healthcare workers going on strike in the UK

A solidarity march was held in London, the capital of England, with healthcare workers who went on strike due to the ongoing disagreement about the increase in wages.

Support for healthcare workers going on strike in the UK

Thousands of demonstrators participating in the march organized by the SOS NHS group called for a reasonable increase in the salaries of health workers due to the rising cost of living and the high cost of living.

In the march, where the police took extensive security measures, the demonstrators carried banners with the words “End the crisis in the health system”, “Enough is enough” and “Healthcare workers deserve an honorable salary”.

Doctors and nurses, as well as many unions and the main opposition Labor Party deputies supported the demonstration, in which the slogans “Health care is a basic human right” were shouted.

Health workers, who rejected the wage hikes offered under inflation in the UK, continue their nationwide strike.


General practitioners in the UK will hold a 3-day strike from 13 March due to the wage dispute.

British Health Minister Steve Barclay, in his post on Twitter before the strike, announced that he invited general practitioners to constructive talks on salary increases.

Responding to Minister Barclay’s Twitter post, the General Practitioners’ Association reminded that Barclay did not attend the meetings yesterday and stated that they had no choice but to go on strike.

It is predicted that the possible action of GPs, combined with the current staff shortage, record-heavy workload and ongoing strikes of health workers, will further increase the pressure on the health system.

General practitioners in the UK last went on strike in 2016 due to a new contract. (AA)

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