Surprise in the European Parliament, a man asks his girlfriend in marriage

A choice of place that may surprise, but a total emotion for the future bride. Kulder Lepp, a young Estonian, asked on Thursday in marriage his companion, Marta Schönberg, in full European Parliamentin Brussels (Belgium), reports the site Politico.

The young couple was present in Brussels as part of the “EPP 4 Youth” days, the youth week of the European People’s Party, bringing together groups from the center and the right. “I don’t remember ever seeing that. happen here(…) so the idea came to me from there,” explained Kulder Lepp to Euroactivsite specializing in news from European institutions.

European Parliament spokesperson Jaume Duch Guillot also confirmed that, to his knowledge, this was a first. Kulder Lepp, however, almost reconsidered his plans and made his request near the Belgian Royal Palace. Marta Schönberg, the 18-year-old bride-to-be, wore a huge smile, declaring herself “delighted” with this request.

Kulder Lepp, future MEP?

Member of the Estonian Isamaa party, attached to the European People’s Party (EPP), Kulder Lepp is convinced that he will one day return to the European Parliament as an MP. “New to politics”, he did not hesitate to recognize that “if an opportunity presented itself, obviously (he) would seize it” as was the case with his marriage proposal, he declared to Politico.

The couple received congratulations from an Estonian MEP from their party, Riho Terras, on the social network (formerly Twitter). According to Euractiv, the president of the EPP, the German Manfred Weber, himself went to the hemicycle to offer the lovebirds a bottle of champagne, evoking an “EU-nion”.

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