surprised intertwined on waking, are Tania and Benjamin a couple?

surprised intertwined on waking, are Tania and Benjamin a couple?

Tania and Benjamin in “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” TF1 screen capture

The rapprochements are going well in the Philippines. During the new season of the adventure game currently broadcast on TF1, the two youngest have developed a strong bond.

During the third episode of ” Koh Lanta “ broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1, viewers were able to notice an undisguised rapprochement between two candidates: Benjamin And Tanya. During the eighth awakening of the adventure filmed last summer in the Philippines, just a few hours from the comfort test, the camera froze on the pair, sleeping intertwined under the cabin of the yellow team. the Marseillais, positioned on the stomach, then appears glued to the young woman of 22 yearslying at his side, one leg and one arm resting on him.

And if the duo quietly ended their night, the position did not fail to amuse the other members of Paniman. “He is there! There are different techniques for warming up. This is also survival. It’s being able to keep warm in any situation. This is what we apply »quipped Nicholaslaughing Laura And Quentin, present with him around the fire. “Heating is very important. » A situation that had the merit of bringing good humor to the camp.

“Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”

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“Fortunately, human warmth exists! »

Because the only intention of the two youngest of “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” at this precise moment was simply to warm each other during the freezing nights of the Philippines. In a “question and answer” video initiated on her Instagram account and published on her TikTok, Tania revealed that the hardest part for her in the adventure was these night phases. “I am sensitive to the cold, I have Raynaud’s syndrome, so poor circulation in the extremities of the limbs, which has enormously handicapped me on Koh Lanta during the nightsshe explained. “But fortunately human warmth exists! »

The young single woman – she is the one who amusingly specifies it in her portrait – has applied this technique in the camp. His human radiator on the Paniman beach was none other than Benjamin, his buddy. “At this point in the adventure, my allies were… Benjamin in the yellows. » In view of the sequence broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1, the question of a sentimental rapprochement between the two candidates spontaneously arose among viewers.

And it would not be a first in the history of “Koh-Lanta”! Because if the candidates’ libido is at half mast during filming according to Denis Brogniart, this did not prevent certain former participants from living a beautiful story. “There have already been rapprochements between candidates but this often happens after filming”, recognized the host in 2017 in “C à vous” on France 5. “I’m single and I said I was single in my portrait simply because I wasn’t going to say I was married and had two kids… Because I’m single,” for her part, reaffirmed Tania in her video posted on TikTok on Sunday March 5 to silence any rumors.

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