Surrealism seeks its women

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The Musée de Montmartre tries to identify the female part of the movement founded by André Breton.

“Feminine surrealism?” The title of the exhibition is both seductive, like the poster which shows the bust of a naked woman, a crow on her breast, but also a little annoying. The Museum of Montmartre would he succumb to this fashion which consists in putting all the exhibitions in the feminine? Rather, the question mark of the title should be understood as follows: are there female surrealist artists?

Yes, answers the museum, which exhibits around fifty artists, sometimes with a single work, sometimes with several. But he also tells us that most of them would have refused to take part in a single-gender exhibition, they who did not like to be singled out as female artists. This is the paradox of this clash.

Rediscover artists

The official group of André Breton, founded in 1924, considered the creators “as permitted but not necessary”. In fact, none knew the posterity of Magritte, Man Ray or Breton. Paradox that one of the curators of the exhibition, Dominique Païni, who was director of…

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