Survey: 23% Poles rent a car to deal with everyday matters, e.g. shopping

Every fifth motorist Pole rented a car for private purposes, most often for a foreign holiday or when moving, according to the study “Time of renting cars”. It added that 23 percent of respondents rent a car to do everyday things, e.g. shopping or a doctor’s appointment.

According to the survey, among the respondents who happened to rent a car, there were the most drivers with an income of PLN 7,000 and up (39%).

In the Santander Consumer Multirent study “Car rental time” it was reported that 22 percent. motorized Poles rented a car for private purposes. This group included the largest number of 30-39 and 40-49 year-olds (30 and 27 percent respectively) and people with higher education (33 percent).

Paweł Dymowski from Santander Consumer Multirent pointed out that Polish drivers most often used the traditional Rent a Car car rental company (72 percent of indications). “This form of rental is the most popular among the respondents aged 50 and 60 (83 and 77 percent, respectively, of those who rent a car)” – he explained, commenting on the results of the study for PAP.

He added that the second place was taken by the car-sharing system (18%), which was most often chosen by drivers aged 18-29 (35%), and the third was a leasing company offering long-term rental (14%). “It was chosen mainly by people over 60 and 50 (respectively 26 and 20 percent). Only 3 percent of respondents who rented a car indicated a platform offering cars on subscription” – added the expert.

According to the survey, Polish drivers most often decided to rent a car to go on a foreign holiday (37 per cent in the group of car renters) and/or when moving house (32 per cent). The first option was most often used by people earning from PLN 7,000 upwards (56%) and residents of the metropolis (49%). On the other hand, respondents living in rural areas (40%) and with an income between PLN 2,000 and PLN 2,999 (82%). On the other hand, every fourth driver (27%) who rented a car used this service on the occasion of a holiday trip in the country, most often 18-29 year olds (50%) and earning from PLN 4,000 upwards.

Whereas 23 percent of car renters used this option to deal with everyday matters, e.g. while shopping or visiting the doctor. This group is dominated by women (28% compared to 19% men) and residents of medium-sized cities with a population of up to 250,000. people (40%). In turn, a private or professional visit to a foreign city was indicated by 22 percent of respondents. respondents. In such a situation, 18-29 year olds (50%) and men (29% vs. 14% women) most often used a car for rent.

Dymowski pointed out that 16 percent. of drivers who rented a car use this option on a daily basis, treating it as an alternative to their own vehicle or using taxis or public transport. He indicated that men were the most likely (21 percent) compared to 11 percent. women; residents of medium-sized cities (28%) and those earning from PLN 5,000 to PLN 6,999 (29%).

The survey was conducted by the Institute for Market and Social Research (IBRiS) on behalf of Santander Consumer Multirent using standardized computer-isted telephone interviews (CATI) on March 30 – April 3 this year. A representative group of 1,000 Poles with a driving license took part in the study. (PAP)

by Magdalena Jarco

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