Survey: 41% Poles are saving for tourist trips

Survey: 41%  Poles are saving for tourist trips

41 percent of Poles raise funds for tourist trips, according to the study “Poles’ Own Wallet: Saving Time”. It added that 19 percent of respondents save on renovation expenses, and 18 percent each for new furniture or electronics.

According to the survey, 84% of of Poles felt that the increase in food prices was the most noticeable for their household budget. Two-thirds of the respondents (67%) mentioned fees and bills for household utilities, such as electricity, gas or heating, and almost half (48%) – fuel.

Next, drugs and supplements were indicated (29%) and private doctor visits and examinations (27%). Some of the respondents emphasized that they were most affected by the increase in loan installments (22%); others, in turn, mentioned tourist trips (12%). Less frequently, e.g. repair services, clothing and footwear, and cosmetics and household chemicals (in each case 9 percent) and car mechanic services (8 percent).

“The increase in prices is the most noticeable for us during everyday shopping, when we have to pay more and more for the same basket of products. We also notice it every month when we have to spend a significant amount of money for utilities used at home,” commented Tomasz Szwarc from Santander Consumer Bank.

According to the survey, 56 percent of Poles resigned from purchasing certain products or services due to rising prices. Respondents between 18 and 29 years of age (87 percent of responses) and rural residents (64 percent) resign from them most often. On the other hand, seniors over 70 years of age (22% of responses) and residents of medium-sized cities from 50-250,000 are the most liberal in their approach to spending. people (34%).

Poles are the first to abandon plans for tourist trips (47%). We also often resign from the use of renovation services (34%), visits to restaurants (32%) or the purchase of electronics (31%) or household appliances (29%). Every fourth respondent refuses new clothes and shoes (26%), books or furniture (24% in both cases). Resignation also applies to ordering takeaway food (24%), visits to the hairdresser or beautician (22%) or car repairs (11%).

The study showed that there are products and services whose purchase is postponed – 46% of respondents save money for such expenses today. Poles. 41 percent of respondents gather funds for tourist trips. We also save on expenses related to renovation (19%), new furniture or RTV equipment (18% in both cases) or household appliances (15%).

“As the results of our survey show, many of us are trying to adapt our shopping habits to current prices. We resign from some expenses, considering them less important. Others we postpone, patiently saving money for such a purpose,” explained Szwarc.

The survey was commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank using standardized computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) conducted by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS) in January 2023. A representative group of 1,000 adult Poles participated in the survey. (PAP)

author: Aneta Oksiuta

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