suspected of relations with a minor, Brian Joubert heard Friday by the disciplinary committee of the Federation

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Brian Joubert. Aurelien Morissard / Aurelien Morissard / Panoramic

The former French skater will be heard on Friday by the disciplinary committee of the French Ice Sports Federation. He is also suspected of violence.

Former skater Brian Joubert must be heard on Friday by the disciplinary committee of the French Ice Sports Federation following reports of violence and suspicion of a relationship with a minor, we learned Thursday from his lawyer and the Federation.

Brian Joubert and the Brian Joubert Poitiers Glace club must be heard (Friday) by the Disciplinary Commission of first instance of the Federation», Declared the FFSG to AFP, confirming information from the Team. According to the skater’s lawyer, Me Franck Nicolleau, the commission must in particular examine alleged acts of verbal and physical violence within the club managed by Brian Joubert in Poitiers, but also suspicions of a relationship with a minor, which the The person concerned denies it outright.

We are witnessing a form of settling of scores“, regretted the lawyer, deploring “an extraordinary cabal on the part of the federation“. This hearing is in fact being held in a tumultuous context within the FFSG, which is still experiencing the shocks of the turbulent succession of its former president Didier Gailhaguet. Supported by Mr. Gailhaguet upon his arrival at the head of the body, the current president of the FFSG Gwenaëlle Noury ​​has since made a drastic turnaround by distancing herself from many people reputed to be close to the former strong man of French skating , including Brian Joubert.

Dismissed from the executive board of the body in May, Brian Joubert and five other members initially obtained the suspension of their dismissal. But the Federal Council of the Federation voted to oust them again last October, for the third time. “This story is so gross“, reacted Me Nicolleau, who denounced the “sidereal void of the file“. According to him, the former world champion and three-time European champion never had the opportunity to speak during the investigation of the case. The skater’s mother Raymonde Joubert, president of Brian Joubert Poitiers Glace, was also summoned by the commission.

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