Sweden victory, La Zarra react to their result with a middle finger live

La Zarra gives the finger live from Eurovision Screenshot

Sweden’s Loreen wins the 67th edition of the Song Contest in Liverpool. It is marked by disappointment, and above all irritation, that the candidate from France ends in sixteenth place.

Ultra favorite of bookmakers, Sweden wins Eurovision Song Contest 2023 thanks to Loreen and her title Tattoos (583 points). This is the second victory for the Swedish singer, who already won in 2012 in Baku (Azerbaijian) with the song Euphoria. Loreen is ahead of Finland (526 points).

A gesture that speaks volumes. The announcement of points awarded to each participant by the countries involved had just concluded. This count had only awarded the – small – score of 54 points to France (against 340 to Sweden). But nothing was decided until the revelation of the number of points from the public. Came the turn of France, and of La Zarra, to know his verdict but even before having the net heart, the Quebec singer raises his eyes to the sky pretending not to believe it. And indeed, she only got 50 points, bringing her score to 104 points.

On the screen, two visuals accompany the summary table of points: the image of the two presenters in Liverpool and that of the reaction of La Zarra, particularly scrutinized. And as the camera zooms right in on the singer, her attitude is surprising to say the least. If his disappointment could be predicted, his annoyance not. While looking at the objective, she waves her hand suggesting that the result does not matter to her or that it was already known to her.

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But then comes a completely different type of gesture. Furtive, certainly, but recognizable among a thousand: a finger of honor. Like a choreography, she withdraws her right hand from her friend’s grip, places her hand in the direction of the ground, the middle finger as the only finger in the air then raises it clearly towards the sky. Her face, too, speaks for itself. In addition to her wry look, she adopts a smirk. Better still, she did not wait for the announcement of the winner to leave the hall of the Liverpool Arena. An attitude that can only fuel her image as a capricious diva.

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