Swing problem, kiss in the neck of Marc Lavoine, unusual outfit of Camélia Jordana … What to remember from the semi-final of “Star Academy”

TF1 broadcast Saturday evening the penultimate weekly of the season of its musical reality show marked, at the end, by the eliminations of Tiana and Chris.

Next Saturday, from 10 p.m. on TF1the season 10 finale of ” Star Academy “ will oppose four candidates. On this occasion, Robbie Williams, the show’s sponsor, will be present on stage, as will other guests announced by the channel: Michel Polnareff, Lara Fabian, Soprano, Christophe Maé and Nolwenn Leroy. A look back at the highlights of the semi-final broadcast last night.

A flashmob to accompany the anthem

For the first time this season, the six “Star Academy” semi-finalists performed Do not go without me from the stands and the teachers’ office. Instead of carrying out their choreography on the stage, it was the public who took charge of moving and dancing in the most synchronized way possible. A flash mob rather successful which boosted a song still marked by technical problems, the voice of the candidates being hardly audible.

Nikos Aliagas injured but present

From the start of the show, Michael Goldman took news of the health of Nikos Aliagas. A week ago, the ‘Star Academy’ host fell into the audience pit during a commercial break and hurt his leg. “I’m dragging my feet a bithe admitted. You can fall and the main thing is to decide to get up. I was unable to travel last night to Cannes to present the NRJ Music Awards ceremonyand I thank Camille Combal for replacing me at short notice. » A little later in the show, Marc Lavoine congratulated him on his professionalism.

Nikos Aliagas and the “Star Academy” semi-finalists on November 19, 2022 TF1 screen capture

The beautiful surprise of Claudio Capéo

After a sublime duet shared on one of his songs with Anisha, the former participant in “The Voice” proposed to the candidate of “Star Academy” to share with him a new duet in his next album. “I would like to give you this gift because I adore you”, he told her. A proposal that the young woman welcomed with great emotion.

Message from Yanis Marshall

“It takes a lot of courage to take responsibility, whether it’s you or me, on television”declared the choreographer to Louis after the stage performance of the latter on Born this way by Lady Gaga. “We leave a mark behind us, we inspire a whole generation. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have seen this on TV. »

Léa’s puzzle swing…

In duet with Marc Lavoine on the title I have forgotten everything, Léa would normally sit on a large white swing and start the song a few meters above the ground. But at the time of having to hoist the device, only one side was activated, making the support totally unstable and forcing the singer to get back on her feet. “Hello, it’s the shame of my life”we heard him exclaim as Nikos Aliagas tried to fill this preparation time somehow alongside Clara Luciani.

Léa on her swing on November 19, 2022 in “Star Academy” TF1 screen capture

… and the kiss on Marc Lavoine’s neck

Finally, Léa sang standing on the stage after receiving a little kiss on the neck from Marc Lavoine who came to reassure her. A gesture that has been the subject of much criticism on social networks. Several viewers felt that this gesture was “moved”.

Marc Lavoine and Léa on November 19, 2022 in “Star Academy” TF1 screen capture

The difficult exercise of musical comedy

Viewers weren’t kind to the six semi-finalists who, with a lot of good will, tried to take on the challenge of song, dance and comedy. Between false notes, overplay, fall and technical problems, Internet users were particularly critical. “Is this a Toto joke? », questioned one of them on Twitter. “On Broadway they can rest easy,” wrote another.

The unusual outfit of Camélia Jordana

The singer shared a very beautiful duet with Tiana on the title winner Mistral of Renaud. For her arrival in “Star Academy”, Camélia Jordana wore a black outfit with, on her top, two hands covering her chest. “Back to 2009, 2001, 1993, and 1985 “, she commented on her Instagram account on the sidelines of a screenshot of her visit to TF1. “Bravo Tiana for your journey and thank you for the mistral. Thanks to “Star Academy”. Huge bravo and thank you to the Turkish designer Burc Akyol for this extraordinary masterpiece! The hands of bronze watched. Total honor to pass after queens Cardi B and Cate Blanchett. »

Who will go to the final?

Anisha, Enola and Léa joined Louis in the final of this season 10 of “Star Academy” thanks to the votes of viewers. The adventure is over for Chris and Tiana. The last show will be broadcast on TF1 next Saturday from 10 p.m.

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