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Release: 24 May 2023

Ours In Adana, they call it “Frondu” in the vernacular; It is said to describe those who say “black today” to those who say “white” yesterday, “resurrected today” to those who say “dead” to those who say “dead”, and those who say “revel in hell” yesterday” “celebration of gratitude in heaven” today.


Turn the goose so it doesn’t burn.

Both conservative.

Both liberal.

Both European.

Asian fan.

Both Turkish and Turkish.

Arab lover.

Both M. Akif reads.

Both drafters.

An Arab impersonator.

Both are European emulators.

Both moderate Islamists.

Both are US collaborators.

Both free marketers.

Also weird gourmet.

Against oppression.

Both Single Man.

Both libertarian.

An absolute leader.

It’s also open to Qatar.

Both fair and just.



Turning in the direction the wind blew yesterday; He reads a poem, “My flag in waves with a crescent and a star… I was born a Turk, I will die a Turk…”, he sees the wind changing direction today; Saying, “The name of the Turkish flag seems problematic to me…”, he explains that he supports the camp in which the leader of HUDA PAR is.


Ar doesn’t know.


The swivel goes and finds the other swivel and joins with it; It supports the swivel alliance, gives shoulders, raises luck.


The forgetful trusts the people.

Some of the people have children’s memory. What happened today will be forgotten tomorrow. It was officially announced by the Supreme Election Board. 50.5 percent of those who voted said, “You have put our country in various troubles at the end of 20 years, you have made our life a three-and-a-half-long life, we do not want to elect you as president again.” Those who voted for swivel were among this 50.5 percent majority.


I am principled.

I live by my principles.

I walk by my principles.

He was saying.

Gone did the opposite of his principles. in the second round “He declared what he called Hell as heaven and gave his full support” explained.

It’s like changing a jacket…

Like an athlete…

It’s like changing socks…

He changed his mind.

Swivel, along with other swivels, relies on the children’s memory of the people. Swivel, “We will close the gates of hell” He saw all of the 2 million 831 thousand 239 voters (5.17 percent) who voted for him because he stood up and shouted, as sheep to be herded.


When I was studying at Adana Tepebağ Secondary School in the 1960s, Adana’s local press in the mornings to contribute to my family; I used to sell the “New Adana- Türk Sözü- Today” newspapers shouting “she writes… she writes…”. So I would sell newspapers until 7 in the morning, then go to school. When I went to sell newspapers in the morning hours in Adana, first at the Adana seed cotton market, then at the wheat market, then at the watermelon market, and then at the turner-repair shop, the following joke was made up by the villagers who had loaded their products on tractors and brought them.


“Lan Gardaş, 4 funerals arrived in the courtyard of the mosque on the same day.


String drum.



(Santur, instrument of paradise)


The violinist.


The singer’s.

We asked, “Sir, there must be a reason why the deaths of these 4 distinguished artists coincided with the same day.” Teacher; “So there is a wedding in heaven…” he said.


First round of selection.

Didn’t win.

Before the election, Fırdöndü was following me with the thought, “We will close the doors of hell, no milk can be milked from a goat, nor a Turkist from a political Islamist”. He called on those who voted for him the previous day to “play a party in Hell”. Will those who vote for him go to this party? Some of the people have a child memory and are prone to power.

Does it go?

It goes away.

He who does not go is the owner of the principle.

What we saw… What we experienced… What we heard… REMEMBER!

If the people believe the lie, the country will go to hell!

There are countless examples around the world. If the people believe the lie, the country will go to hell. In countries that have gone to hell today, the legislative, executive and judicial power has been gathered in a single person. In our country, at the end of the last 20 years, these three basic powers came between the lips of Tek Adam. Besides these 3 powers; Council of State, Court of Accounts, which supervises and controls the spending of the taxes collected from the public without fraudulent, scrap and stealing, will stand against the arbitrary interventions of ONE Man in the economy Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Banking State Supervision Agency, Energy Market Supervision Agency, Tender Authority, Public Inspection Agency (Ombudstman) free and autonomous media also began to act under the orders of that mighty, powerful person. This situation placed Turkey in the 10th place among the 20 most infamous countries in the world (The 20 most misrable Countries in the World). If more than 50 percent of the votes go to Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu in the second round, the way for Turkey to be removed from the list of the 20 most infamous countries may be opened.

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