Sylvain Ripoll after the victory of Les Bleuets in Germany: "The path to follow"

Sylvain Ripoll, coach of the France Espoirs team, after victory in Germany 1-0 : “Coming to win in Germany, against a big nation with a lot of references among the Espoirs, it's always interesting, we are satisfied with the match, with certain highly interesting sequences. We had a good first fifteen minutes, with a lot of delays, good circulation, collective control. But then, we put a lot less rhythm, we started to be more vulnerable, we found ourselves in duels, an area where the Germans are comfortable.

Luckily, the second half was super interesting in traffic speed, lags, technically, with a lot less mistakes. We had control, it also allowed us to defend better, by recovering the balls higher.

The second half is the way to go. This game showed us what works and what doesn't. We need this rhythm, these movements, to exist. There will be rotation on Monday (against Belgium), many players have had three-game weeks recently, we will take this into account while keeping the team competitive.

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