Synthetic cannabis: the Minister of Health announces a ban within a few weeks

“A matter of a few weeks”. That’s what said Health Minister Francois Braunat the microphone of France Info, when he was questioned about the ban on HHC. HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol for its full name, is a synthetic cannabis, currently available for sale.

The effects of this drug, presented in recent weeks as a “legal joint”, are similar to those caused by the consumption of cannabis (high, euphoric or disinhibiting). HHC is considered a semi-synthetic drug, since it is produced artificially from natural cannabis extracts.

“A hole in the racket”

Its sale was done so far legally in “wellness” stores or tobacconists. And this, thanks to a legal void since the HHC is not registered in the clification of narcotics.

“There is a hole in the racket that needs to be filled quickly so that we no longer have this free sale which is completely abnormal,” said the minister, deferring the decision to an upcoming opinion from the drug agency (ANSM ).

The molecule has been known to scientists for a long time but, for a few months, the health authorities of different countries – Europe and the United States – have noticed that it is increasingly marketed on the Internet or in physical shops.

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