Tage Thompson and Burning Buffalo in the NHL

The renaissance seems to be underway in Buffalo. Less than two years after a disastrous year ended in last place in the NHL and the conflicted departure of star Jack Eichel, the Sabers continued their excellent start to the season by pulverizing the Detroit Red Wings on Monday night (8-3). With six wins in nine games, they have the third best record in the League behind Boston and Carolina, which won on penalties in Washington (3-2 after tab).

This makeover bears the smiling features of Tage Thompson. The Arizona-born colossus (2.01m, 25) had a hat-trick with three ists for a rare total of six points in a game. And that just two days after an evening with two goals and an istance in Chicago (4-3 ap).

A $50 million extension

With 6 goals and 6 ists in 9 games, Thompson confirms his outbreak of last season (38 goals, 30 ists in 78 games), which earned him this summer a juicy contract extension of seven seasons and 50 million dollars.

He’s come a long way, too. The son of Brent Thompson, a former NHL defenseman and istant coach (his little brother Tyce also played a handful of games for New Jersey the past two seasons), struggled on his league debut, often being sent back to the Minor League and operated on a shoulder in 2019-2020. Today it has become “a guy who can take a game on his own and dominate”, describes the other star of his team, Jeff Skinner. On Monday, the latter scored the 300th goal of his career on an impeccable p from Thompson in front of the cage.

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