taken to task by the supporters, Lukeba delivers his truths

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Castello Lukeba left the Lyon nest for Leipzig this summer. IMAGO/Roger Petzsche / PANORAMIC

The now ex-OL player looks back on the underside of his transfer to Leipzig, in response to criticism from Les Gones fans.

Where is your dignity and your respect?ask the Bad Gones, addressing Bradley Barcola and Castello Lukeba. In summary, the group of OL supporters criticizes the two players for having turned their backs on their training club in the midst of turmoil, “a few weeks after claiming lovefrom the Rhone club. “You are only paper Lyonnais that our memory will forget as quickly as possible, without forgiving your lack of respect. We wish you an obscure career polishing the benches“, they add, they who had the opportunity to shout directly at the neo-Parisian Barcola on Sunday evening, during the correction inflicted by PSG in Lyon (1-4).

Which Barcola came out of the silence this Tuesday on social networks. Transferred to Leipzig at the start of the transfer window, Lukeba explains himself in an interview with The Team . uring “to understand” the disappointment of the supporters, the young (20 years old) defender ures that they “don’t know everything either“. In this case, Lukeba promises that his “primary desire was to extend to Lyon“, explaining having requested the club last October, without response. In fact, the Lyon leaders “had the ambition to sell (it) for several months, it dated from the beginning of last season, with the old management. It is reality“. Faced with this situation, the native of Lyon has “decided to be more of an actor. I stopped working with my old agents. I was also made to understand that it could be good for the club if I was sold. I later learned that my sale was planned at the DNCG“, he says.

I thank John Textor for understanding me and letting me go.

Castello Lukeba

Initially, Olympique Lyonnais turned a deaf ear when Lukeba let it be known, through his agents, that he wanted to leave. So he confided directly in John Textor, who opened the door. “On the other hand, I never said that I had “given enough” for Lyon. I said that I had always “given everything”, it’s different, and I would have continued to do it if John Textor had told me that the door was closed. I had a contract, you don’t always do what you want in football, I wouldn’t have gone on strike, I would have fallen into line. But I thank him for understanding me and letting me go“, he explains. Under contract until 2028, Lukeba brought in €34 million for OL.

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