Tania, eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”: “I was not inactive on the camp! »

Tania, eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”: “I was not inactive on the camp!  »

Among the yellows, she felt targeted. When the teams were recomposed, this Tuesday evening in “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire”, Tania was therefore delighted to turn red and find her sidekick Rudy. But there too, his new comrades decided to eliminate him. The young dietician, who celebrated her 23rd birthday since the shooting, did not see it coming. She returns on his journey.

Did you prepare physically for “Koh-Lanta”?

TANIA. I think the physical preparation has taken place since I was little: I have been doing sports since I was 5 years old. But I was in rehabilitation just before leaving, because I had broken my knee. I was on crutches a few weeks before the adventure. In the end, I’m happy because my knee held up!

What surprised you the most, once in the game?

My lack of integration in the first yellow team. It shocked me because in my daily life, I never had this kind of problem. It pained me a lot.

How do you explain it?

It’s just that they didn’t want to integrate me into the team, knowing that I was in the hot seat. I was “easy prey to kill.”

Why were you at the top of the list of people to be eliminated, in your opinion (after Célia, who left for the first council among the yellows)?

On the first day, when we were the twenty candidates together, we had all already created alliances. Mine were with Rudy and Esteban. Unfortunately, I did not find myself on their side. In the yellow alliance, there was surely Nicolas, Grace, Frédéric, all the people chosen by Nico in the team, and I was not part of it (she had joined the tribe at the end, when there was no more choice).

Wasn’t it also because you weren’t active enough on the camp?

I was not inactive on the camp! As three days are condensed into a single episode, we don’t see everything on screen. Afterwards, objectively, I was perhaps doing less than the others: they were hyperactive, they didn’t stop all day! But of course I was going to get water, wood, food…

When the teams were recomposed, how did you feel?

I was happy because I found my allies Rudy and Esteban. I thought I had more chances to go further, maybe even to hope to reach reunification. But it was the opposite.

When voting against you, Helena says, “There have been a lot of lies about me, I can’t trust you. What is she referring to?

Honestly, I don’t understand. Alright it’s coming from Helena so I don’t even take it the wrong way. I also believe that she called me a viper… Honestly, if I am a viper, where is the world going? We saw each other again at the preview with the adventurers, but he’s not someone I talk to on the phone every day. It doesn’t make me hot or cold, “Koh-Lanta”, it’s still a game.

In your portrait, you say “I’m single” in a strong tone. Was it a call?

Absolutely not. I introduced myself, I wasn’t going to say “I’m married, I have two children” because I’m not. I’m really single and happy to be.

The sequence where we see you sleeping entwined with Benjamin, in episode 3, caused some comments…

At night it is very, very cold. When you sleep with soaked clothes, the humidity… It was much worse than I thought. Especially since I have Raynaud’s syndrome, which causes me to have poor blood circulation in the extremities. My hands and feet are constantly cold, in winter as in summer. The solution we found on the first night together was to stick together. Then, among the yellows, given the situation, I couldn’t see myself sticking to Frédéric or Quentin. So I slept glued to Benjamin, but it was just to warm up.

Was the return to France difficult?

No way. I was very happy to see my family again. In terms of food, it was, even if I had lost 5 kg.

Would you be ready to try the adventure again?

Honestly, I don’t know, it would take a little more time. It was the adventure of my life, it was incredible. I realized my dream, I was trying to apply for Koh Lanta since I was 17, even though I was not of legal age! At 18, I had managed to pass a few stages of the casting and at 22, I was accepted. I am happy and I feel privileged to have been able to participate. I absolutely do not regret.

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