Tapes tourist trap is washed away by rain

The heavy rain in the early hours of Tuesday (26) returned cause damage and disruption in several cities in Rio Grande do Sul and also in Porto Alegre. In Tapes, in the southern region of the state, the precipitation of the last few days caused the lagoon to be full, which which ended up taking Trapiche – a postcard of the city.

The city hall is working to remove families living in Vila dos Pescadores after their homes were destroyed by the rains. There, according to a survey by Tapes city hall, more than 30 families had to leave their homes due to the flood. The city of Tapes, through Civil Defense, continues with relief work and support for families affected by the heavy rains that hit the municipality.

At urban area of ​​Tapes, aid is concentrated on families displaced due to the rise in the level of Lagoa dos Patos. In rural areas, the actions extend to distributing tarpaulins to families whose homes were damaged by hail last weekend. The municipal Civil Defense of Tapes delivered tarpaulins to the town of Capivaras.

On several highways in Rio Grande do Sul, the accumulation of water on the roads, it hindered the circulation of vehicles. In Porto Alegre, on BR 290, at km 95 (towards Litoral Norte/Capital) to Avenida João Moreira Maciel and access to the mobile span bridge are blocked. As a result, anyone going inland (Eldorado do Sul) coming from the coast or BR 448 should only use the new bridge.

A Strong instability affecting the State caused several blockages on federal highways. In Estrela, BR 386, at km 350, a defect was found on the road. The partial closure occurred in the Lajeado-Montenegro direction with one lane closed and one free – double lane. In São Marcos, BR 116, km 96, total blockage in both directions. In Nova Petrópolis, at km 181, with partial blockade with traffic lights controlling traffic with stop and go.

Still in the city of Tapes, on BR 116, km 370.4, heavy rain resulted in a partial closure with one lane closed and the other open, a double lane location. In São Sepé, on BR 290, km 353, strong instability resulted in the ban on all heavy vehicles (trucks of all models and weights and buses) only allowed for light vehicles on the Bossoroca Bridge. In Caçapava do Sul, on BR 290, km 311.8, due to the rain, a partial closure was made – single lane with stop and go.

In Cachoeira do Sul, on BR 153, km 412, works on the highway resulted in a partial closure for vehicles over 18 tons in the direction of Novos Cabrais/ Caçapava do Sul) on the Fandango bridge over the Jacuí River. At km 410, towards Caçapava do Sul, partial closure with the stop and go system.

In the city of Hulha Negra, on BR 293, Km 151, 1 km from the Jaguarão River, there was a total closure due to pavement problems. The obstruction is necessary for the DNIT to carry out works and excavate the runway, as the pavement has given way. There is no forecast of opening traffic in the area for the next few days. In this case, the option for those traveling from Pelotas to Bagé and Santana do Livramento, the orientation is to use BR 392, through Canguçu/Santana da Boa Vista, accessing BR 153 in Caçapava do Sul. Those traveling from Bagé towards Pelotas, you must access BR 153 in Bagé and continue to Caçapava do Sul to access BR 392 towards Pelotas.

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