Teacher salary increases: unions slam the door of negotiations

Teacher salary increases: unions slam the door of negotiations

It is a “pact” which does not pass. This Monday afternoon, the trade unions slammed the door of the last meeting at the Ministry of National Education, devoted to the revaluation of the teaching profession. After an hour of discussions, the representatives of the five organizations present decided to leave the room before publishing a press release to express their dissatisfaction. They denounce the philosophy of the project that the government wishes to set up and which finds its translation in new missions entrusted to primary and secondary school teachers on a voluntary basis.

These tasks – including short-term replacements for sick colleagues in middle school and high school, or support in maths and French in 6th grade for school teachers – will inflate teachers’ pay slips by an average of 3,750 euros gross per year. for 72 additional hours of work. Volunteer teachers will be able to modulate and accept a third of the “standard pact” (i.e. 1,250 euros gross for 24 hours of work more per year) or two thirds (2,500 euros gross for 48 hours more).

“It’s working more to earn more that ignores the workload”

Alongside this device, they will be entitled to a classic increase, that is to say not conditional on additional missions. This so-called “base” revaluation is the subject of other discussions, much less stormy. “The problem with this pact is that it does not respond to the problem of the attractiveness of the teaching profession. It is to work more to earn more which completely ignores the level of workload which is already incumbent on teachers, deplores Gilles Langlois of SE-UNSA. We wanted to send a strong message to the government on behalf of the teaching community, which wants a much more ambitious upgrading. »

For its part, the SnuiPP, the majority union of the first degree, denounces a vague and poorly adapted system to respond to the inequalities between women and men observed in the profession. “At the start of the discussions, the ministry was talking about upgrading existing missions. Today, we realize that this is not the case and that there are many inaccuracies in the description of these new missions, ”deplores Guislaine David, spokesperson for the SnuiPP. Rue de Grenelle finds the departure of the unions from the discussion table “regrettable”.

“We have a readable device, with an overall envelope of 300 million euros for 2023, where teachers will earn more than if they worked overtime today. One hour more within the framework of the pact will be paid 52 euros gross against 28 euros in the first degree and 43 euros in the second degree currently ”, assures the Ministry of National Education which could postpone its concluding meeting for a few days, initially scheduled for March 13.

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