Technical tricks, parody of “superblock”, Miss Mississippi … Smashing return for “The Voice” in the United States

Technical tricks, parody of “superblock”, Miss Mississippi … Smashing return for “The Voice” in the United States

NBC launched Monday evening the broadcast of blind auditions for the 23rd season of its musical telecrochet with, in the coaches’ chairs, Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton.

“This is my last season in “The Voice” and I would be honored to count on you in this last Team Blake. » Not a blind audition where he bothered to activate his buzzer was spared the shocking argument of Blake Shelton. The 23rd season of the American telecrochet hosted by Carson Daly and broadcast on NBC will theoretically be the last of the king of country, present since the start in 2011. On nine occasions, the 46-year-old singer accompanied one of his talents to the final victory, including last year with Bryce Leatherwood.

For this new edition, Kelly Clarkson made a comeback while Chance the Rapper And Niall Horan (former member of One Direction) appear for the first time in “The Voice”. In the United States, coaches are waging a real battle to convince the most coveted talents to join their team. After each performance, it is not only a question of complimenting the artists but of multiplying the arguments to be heard. The production is sometimes in cahoots with the coaches to help them stage a funny and surprising stunt.

So, to bring a talent named Noivas to his team, Chance the Rapper first blocked Blake Shelton. Then, to dismiss Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan from the race, he got up, jumped with both feet on the names of the latter written on the ground and transformed them into “Chance”. “You only have one choice, do the right one”, launched the new coach of “The Voice”. A winning move since the 30-year-old talent – ​​who always had a choice – came to join him.

Niall Horan also played skillfully when convincing Ross Clayton. The 33-year-old artist from Oklahoma had the choice between the four coaches after taking over Blue ain’t your color by Keith Urban. “Ross, I need to talk to you in private”the former member of One Direction told him before getting up and pressing the buzzers of his three neighbors. Like the “superblock” set up in France in season 12 of “The Voice” currently broadcast on TF1, his action caused the backtracking of the three armchairs, leaving him alone in the face of talent. “I was on a show like this when I was 16”told him the one who had been revealed in 2010 in “The X-Factor” in the United Kingdom. “Please come to my team”, he added, one knee on the ground. And it was heard.

As for Blake Shelton, usually very inspired when it comes to getting noticed, he was surprised by a 22-year-old young woman recently crowned Miss Mississippi for Miss America. The only coach to remain impassive during the resumption of Mississippi Girl of Holly Brand, to the great astonishment of Kelly Clarkson, the star of the American country was moved by listening to the anecdote of the young artist. “I have a story about youshe threw at him. I was 10 years old when I went to see you in concert and it was your concert that made me want to become an artist. » Holly Brand then showed him a photo she had been able to take with him at the time, leaving Blake Shelton … speechless.

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