Teknival in Indre: “Everything is nickel”, ures the mayor of Villelongis

A sigh of relief… According to Jean-Marc Sevault, the mayor of Villegongis where the Teknival moved in last weekend, the revelers don’t deserve their reputation as troublemakers. “Everything is spot on! There is not even a cigarette butt, not a piece of paper on the 70 hectares that I have traveled long, wide and across,” he told France Bleu Berry. “I have always been very well received by calm, very courteous and very welcoming people”, supports the elected official.

Cleaning operation

His satisfaction echoes that of Dominique Paillault, the farmer who owns the fields where the event took place. “People think what they want, it didn’t go that badly,” he says. “The field was fallow, they didn’t damage it too much. »

Degradations, however minimal they may be, there have been some. Several dump trucks chartered by the Indre prefecture emptied the garbage bags collected by the revelers on Monday. And a clean-up operation must be carried out to clean up the edge of the forest near the fields, where the revelers came to satisfy their needs.

Another source of tension: the cost of the party. “It’s irresponsible to organize an event like that in a town of around a hundred inhabitants”, annoys the president of the Indre departmental council, Marc Fleuret, who believes that the device will be expensive to the surrounding municipalities and its services. “It’s still too early to tell. But just for the firefighters, there are 35,000 euros,” he says, pointing to “excessive consumption of narcotics”. In total, more than 119 patients were taken care of.

Monday morning, according to the prefecture, the police had carried out 27,707 checks, plus 11,378 roadside checks. Nearly 500 offenses were recorded, mainly related to narcotics.

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