Tesla’s Cybertruck, between innovative object and futuristic whim

The Cybertruck is resistant to the apocalypse» declared Elon Musk in particular (here, in 2019, during the presentation of the vehicle, in Hawthorne, California). FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP

During a show in Austin, Elon Musk touted his $80,000 pickup truck.

It’s a sort of tank made of raw steel. Its body and windows are bullet resistant. You’re here demonstrated it Thursday evening in Austin, during the event dedicated to the delivery of the first Cybertruck, this electric pickup presented four years ago during a previous show. In a series of videos, Tesla praised the extreme conditions in which this vehicle shows its full potential. A machine gun shot leaves only a few impacts without ping through the cabin. The vehicle is so powerful that it can tow construction equipment. Its speed challenges a Porsche 911, ridiculous alongside the machine “virile”. The proof is in images, with a race between the 911 and the Cybertruck. Tesla’s latest model wins the event while towing another Porsche 911.

In front of an audience of won over fans, Elon Musk did the job. Arriving at the wheel of this pickup which seems straight out of the imagination of a nostalgic Back to the futurethe boss of Tesla…

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