TF1 leader with Belgium/Canada, Les Invisibles back in shape

Audiences for Wednesday, November 23, 2022 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening.

On Wednesday evening, TF1 topped the ratings with the World Cup match between Belgium and Canada. The victory (1-0) of the Red Devils was watched by 5.4 million viewers, or 23.7% audience share. France 2 follows with The Invisibles . The first episodes of season 2 of the detective series with Guillaume Cramoisan brought together an average of 3.6 million people, or 18.3% of PDA.

Opposite, M6 offered “The Best Pastry Chef”. The competition hosted by Marie Portolano, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte gathered 1.9 million followers, or 10.3% of the public. At the foot of the podium, France 3 rebroadcast the number of “Roots and wings” devoted to Auvergne. The magazine presented by Carole Gaessler interested 1.8 million curious people, or 10.3% of audience share.

As for the other channels, C8 federated 1.3 million viewers, i.e. 6.6% of viewers, with the rebroadcast of Mongeville .

Audiences of the first part of the evening of Wednesday, November 23


TF1 TV program

world Cup

5,429,000 viewers


France 2 TV program

The Invisibles

3,910,000 viewers


M6 TV program

The best pastry chef

1,880,000 viewers


France 3 TV program

Roots and wings

1,829,000 viewers


C8 TV program


1,292,000 viewers

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