TF1 organizes a special evening dedicated to Florent Pagny

The evening event in honor of the singer is held this Friday, September 1 on the front page. On the program, the ociative concert for ELA but also an unpublished documentary filmed during his tour.

French song icon is in the spotlight this Friday, September 1 on TF1 with a special evening, broadcasting the concert Florent Pagny, everyone ELA shot before the summer at the Seine Musicale followed by the unpublished documentary Florent Pagny: the Phoenix in total immersion directed by Michel Jankielewicz.

From 9:10 p.m., Florent Pagny will revisit his repertoire accompanied by friends and artists. “They are people with whom I have experienced something and as everyone is there, ELA comes to me. This is how Florent Pagny imagined an event for the European ociation against leukodystrophies.

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“I didn’t invite an artist because it was trendy, I invited all the artists who came to share a title with me.From Zazie to Soprano via Calogero, Slimane, Amel Bent, Jenifer, Vianney, Angun, Kendji, Pascal Obispo, Carla Bruni, Patrick Fiori… All were present around Florent Pagny for this concert which came to open the revival of the 60th anniversary tour.

“Everything was sincere”

“The vibrations that there were between them and me, everything was sincere and it felt.” And the atmosphere was such that the singer decided to create a double album of duets entitled 2a. This is what we learn in the documentary Florent Pagny: the Phoenix broadcast from 11:40 p.m., always on the front page.

From the recording of the concert for ELA to his emotion during the cover concert and the evening presentation of his book Pagny by Florent, the documentary – broadcast in the second part of the evening on TF1 – retraces the last months of the singer. “I did the first and I feel like I did the last”recognizes Florent Pagny, explaining that he had a slight discomfort that forced him to spend the evening in the emergency room just before his first concert of the tour at the Arena of Nîmes. “But that does not prevent us from doing the first one anyway, it was very well received. I had a little trouble getting started because I was very moved to find everyone. » The cameras follow him throughout his tour and his Festival appearances.

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